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From Christopher Lenz <>
Subject More 0.8 Release TODO
Date Sun, 25 May 2008 23:16:23 GMT
Hey all,

we should be preparing for a 0.8 release.

On the development side, there's still group reduce missing (and maybe  
more polish or at the very least some docs on reduce in general).  
Also, I'd like to get the RESTful attachment API enhancements in, and  
there's also the runtimeconfig branch waiting to be completed and  
merged back.

Anyway, this mail is about the less exciting things that I think we  
need to get done before we can push for a release through Apache:

1. Licensing problem: Javascript Shell

CouchDB includes a JS shell that is derived from < 
 >. Initially it was pretty much a verbatim copy, but it has been  
changed to integrate nicely into our Futon web interface. The JS Shell  
is, according to the above web page, "GPL/LGPL/MPL tri-licensed".  
However, there's no actual license or copyright statement to be found  

None of those three licenses are without problems for an Apache  
project. See <>. GPL and  
LGPL "must not apply to any software within an Apache product", and  
the MPL requires "requires that the distribution of modifications or  
derivative works be made available under the same license as the  
original work".

In addition for the MPL, "Code that is more substantial, more  
volatile, or not directly consumed at runtime in source form may only  
be distributed in binary form." As the JS shell is just an HTML and a  
Javascript file, there's no way we could distribute it in binary form,  
so AFAICT it will need to be nuked completely.

Maybe someone with more knowledge of these legal issues can chime in  

2. Lucene full-text search implementation

We have some code in src/fulltext that's mostly proof-of-concept for  
the full-text searching interface, and hasn't been touched since it  
was initially added by Jan some time ago. This code would IMHO need  
some serious cleanup before it should be shipped as part of a release.

I'd like to suggest creating a "fulltext" (or "lucene") branch and  
moving that code there. And remove the src/fulltext directory from  
trunk for the time being. It can be brought back when someone steps up  
to actually improve and maintain that code.

3. Anything else?

Christopher Lenz
   cmlenz at

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