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From Christopher Lenz <>
Subject Re: Attachment management in Futon
Date Fri, 23 May 2008 23:36:49 GMT
On 23.05.2008, at 18:14, Christopher Lenz wrote:
> I've started playing with attachment support in Futon. As Futon is a  
> purely client-side application this is of course tricky (or actually  
> impossible), and it'll need some kind of hook on the server side.
> I have two separate ideas on how this might be enabled, each with  
> its own advantages and disadvantages:
> 1. POST /_utils/upload/
> This would be a special URL in CouchDB that would only exist to  
> support Futon. It would take a multipart/form-data POST request,  
> extra a file upload, and respond with a JSON representation of that  
> upload, with the content base64 encoded:
>  handle_upload_request(Req, 'POST') ->
>    Form = mochiweb_multipart:parse_form(Req),
>    {Name, {ContentType, _}, Content} = proplists:get_value("file",  
> Form),
>    Json = {obj, [
>      {name, Name},
>      {type, ContentType},
>      {content, couch_util:encodeBase64(Content)}
>    ]},
>    Body = "<textarea>" ++ cjson:encode(Json) ++ "</textarea>",
>    {ok, Req:ok({"text/html", Body})};
> The JSON needs to be wrapped in HTML, because AJAX file uploads need  
> to go through a separate hidden <iframe> and an impressive number of  
> hacks. We'd be using the jQuery Form plugin < 
> > to handle that in Futon.
> So after submitting the attachment upload form, Futon would get back  
> a JSON representation of the upload, and add that JSON  
> representation to the _attachments member of the currently open  
> document. When the document is saved, the attachment data is part of  
> the JSON representation of the document, and is thus saved in the  
> database.
> The main drawback of this approach is that the file data is sent  
> back and forth: the initial upload, the server response, and the  
> document update request. For large files this will be somewhere  
> between noticable and a showstopper.

After more playing around, I think this approach is pretty much  
infeasible. Uploading even a 1.3MB PDF file causes Firefox3 to grind  
to a halt.

Christopher Lenz
   cmlenz at

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