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From "Paul Joseph Davis (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] Created: (COUCHDB-74) CouchDB full text searching
Date Fri, 30 May 2008 21:34:45 GMT
CouchDB full text searching

                 Key: COUCHDB-74
             Project: CouchDB
          Issue Type: New Feature
          Components: Full-Text Search, HTTP Interface
         Environment: branches/lucene-search
            Reporter: Paul Joseph Davis

I've managed to piece enough together to get full text search working with xapian and python.

You'll need to have a relatively recent version of xapian-core and xapian-bindings installed.
I've got 1.0.6 installed. The version in Gutsy Gibon's repositories was too old. Specifically,
there's a requirement for the xapian.WritableDatabase to have set_metadata. If your bindings
have that, you should be golden.

Basic install insructions:

Download a fresh copy of the lucene-search branch:

davisp@nebula:/usr/local/src/tmp$ svn co

Unpack the tarball attached to this ticket:

davisp@nebula:/usr/local/src/tmp/couchdb-lucene$ tar -cvf couchdb-xapian.tar.gz couchdb-xapian/

Apply the patch to the lucene branch:

$ cd couchdb-lucene/
$ svn mv src/couchdb/couch_ft_query.erl src/couchdb/couch_query.erl
$ patch -p0 -i ../couchdb-xapian/json_external_query_server.diff

Build the patched version of CouchDB:

$ ./bootstrap && ./configure && make && sudo make install

Edit the xapian.conf:

base_url = url of your couchdb instance. Probably http://localhost:5984/
index_directory = directory where the user running couchdb can write to. ie, /usr/local/var/lib/couchdb/xapian/

[index:dbname] #Dbname is the name of the database you want to index
view=_all_docs_by_seq #The index sections aren't going to stay like this. This is the only
view that will work correctly.
attributes=list of document attributes to index #At the moment, you probably just want to
stick with string args. This will be improved in the future.

Copy the xapian.conf next to your couch.ini:

$ sudo cp xapian.conf /usr/local/etc/couchdb/

Edit your couch.ini:

$ sudo vi /usr/local/etc/couchdb/couch.ini

In the [Couch] section, add the following:


If your xapian.ini doesn't live at /usr/local/etc/couchdb/xapian.conf, add " -c /path/to/xapian.conf"
to the end of both those options in couch.ini

Lastly, fireup couchdb as usual.

Each database/view in xapian.conf will be indexed when couchdb starts up and when the db changes
as expected.

To issue a query, try a url like:


_search parameters for xapian querying include: query, offset, limit, and view. (Remember
we can't index views other than _all_docs_by_seq yet, so just ignore that for now)


Hopefully I didn't forget any steps in that.  So the current state of things is that the indexing
and searching work. I haven't tested things like languages etc yet. I have plans to make the
xapian.conf file control all of the multitude of stuff that xapian supports. For now I was
just going for bare bones, so don't fret if your favorite xapian feature isn't there yet.

Also, the view indexing still needs work. This will probably have to wait until Damien gets
a method to support finding only changed documents in a view. I don't know if I have enough
erlang fu to make this work on my own. (I'm doubting I do)

Also also, I'm planning on adding support for the neat xapian features like suggested search
terms etc. I'll get to things of this nature as more people start using the package and I've
ironed out the more major things.

Other than that, please send feedback.

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