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From Christopher Lenz <>
Subject Re: logging from views
Date Sun, 25 May 2008 13:37:20 GMT
On 25.05.2008, at 15:05, Noah Slater wrote:
> On Sat, May 24, 2008 at 04:31:33PM -0700, Chris Anderson wrote:
>> The only thing I'm not sure of is
> Yes, I'm not happy with that as it stands.
> Perhaps if this was to go forward I could add a "-l" option to  
> specify a log
> file to write out STDERR. You could then specify this option in the  
> INI file.
> I don't know if this would work with the way Erlang invokes couchjs.
> Chris, what do you think?

There's already a simple (but incomplete) provision for logging from  
the view server: you print a JSON-encoded line such as the following  
to stdout:

   {"log": "bla bla"}

CouchDB will take that and write it to its own log output (at INFO  

The Javascript view server (share/server/main.js) uses this to log  
error messages. We could simply make this functionality available  
through a `log(message)` function that would be made available inside  

Christopher Lenz
   cmlenz at

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