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From "Benoit Chesneau" <>
Subject comparaison couchdb pre-/post- mochiweb behind a reverse http proxy
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2008 08:52:03 GMT
Hi all,

In view to solve , I
tested behaviour of couchdb behind proxies before and after merge with

Tests on mochiweb version in trunk was done with the patch you find in
this issue and with svn release 648074 wich seem to be the release
before mochiweb merge. Configurations of servers are on bottom of this
mail. Imho latest trunk with patch
 give better results.

hope it could help. I'm back to latest trunk version.

- benoƮt

Results :

*) pre-mochiweb
- apache 1.3, pass except replication and design_docs tests :

1. Exception raised:
2.0//EN\\\">\\n<HTML><HEAD>\\n<TITLE>404 Not
Found</TITLE>\\n</HEAD><BODY>\\n<H1>Not Found</H1>\\nThe requested
/test_suite_db/_design/test was not found on this

# Exception raised:
[{couch_rep,do_http_request,3},\n {couch_rep,get_missing_revs,2},\n
{couch_rep,maybe_save_docs,4},\n {couch_rep,'-pull_rep/4-fun-0-',5},\n
{couch_rep,enum_docs0,3},\n {couch_rep,enum_docs_since,4},\n
{couch_rep,pull_rep,4},\n {couch_rep,replicate,3}]}"}

- squid : pass.

- nginx. : failed. don't work at all, I can only get informations. Bug
related to jquery.couch.js and couch.js. Fixing couch.js to send non
emty body and a content-length header seem to do the trick but firefox
go in loop.

- lighttpd : failed. very slow on normal usage. tests don't work at all

*) post-mochiweb
- apache 1.3: pass, same results as above
- squid: pass
- nginx: pass
- lighttpd: same results as above

Configurations used for this test :
configurations for apache 1.3 is :

nginx:0.5.35  :

lighttpd 1.4.19:

squid 2.6:

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