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From Christopher Lenz <>
Subject Re: CouchDB status report due
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2008 22:59:44 GMT
On 01.04.2008, at 06:34, Jan Lehnardt wrote:
> Here's a draft. I have never done this before and looking at the  
> examples you linked to, it might be a bit verbose. Feel free  
> (anyone) to edit the draft in any way. I am in no way attached to  
> what compiled here:

> CouchDB is a distributed document database written in Erlang. The  
> project entered incubation on February 12th, 2008.
> The infrastructure (SVN, JIRA, mailing lists etc) have been set up  
> and the team started moving source and documentation from their  
> former homes to the ASF.


> Work on CouchDB that has begun earlier is being continued and  
> committed to the new repository. This includes a major refactoring  
> and subsequent simplification of the core code base (-500 (ca. 10%)  
> LOC) and its modularisation. The storage and view engines are now  
> separate entities that can be worked on independently. This was done  
> in preparation for the upcoming database compaction feature, which  
> is in its final stages of development.
> At the same time, the mochiweb branch is very active, entirely  
> driven by Christopher Lenz. The goal of this branch is to replace  
> the Erlang/OTP inets HTTP server with the more appropriate Mochiweb  
> package. This is still work in progress, but at the moment, more  
> than half of our test suite succeeds.

I think the only parts of the recent coding progress that is really  
relevant to the board is:

* Removal of the Spidermonkey source from our repository, which  
happened before the migration of the code. This means no inclusion of  
MPL-licensed code in our repos and our future releases.

* Ongoing work on the mochiweb branch, which replaces the  
"forked" (from the standard lib) version of the EPL-licensed "inets"  
library with the MIT-licensed mochiweb library. The goal is to have  
this branch merged back into trunk before the first release as an  
Incubator project.

I'd formulate that as follows:

"Work has continued on removing forked code from other projects from  
the CouchDB codebase. This includes Mozilla SpiderMonkey, the code for  
which was previously included with CouchDB in slightly modified form.  
Instead, it is now treated as an external compile-time dependency via  
a custom C wrapper using the SpiderMonkey API. Also, work is currently  
in progress on replacing the dependency on a forked version of  
"inets", which is part of the Erlang standard library (EPL), with the  
MIT-licensed MochiWeb library. For the time being, the MochiWeb code  
is included in the CouchDB codebase, mostly because there has been no  
official release of that library yet."

> Noah Slater's been active to review, move and convert the contents  
> of, the former home of the CouchDB  
> documentation to the ASF provided MoinMoin installation. That  
> includes the setup of human readable redirects and the development  
> of a set of mod_rewrite rules that still need to be set up.
> Damien Katz is sill fighting the current host of the couchdb.*  
> domains to successfully redirect to our new virtual homes.

Not sure if all this detail is needed. The notes on in-progress  
infrastructure moving in the second paragraph above should be enough  

> The IBM software grant that is required for Damien Katz's code  
> contributions is reportedly on file with the ASF.

As has been pointed out, this software grant has nothing to do with IBM.

Christopher Lenz
   cmlenz at

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