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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Shameless Plug
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2008 14:10:11 GMT
Dear CouchDB enthusiasts,
this is a shameless self promotion as well as
a cross post. Both is not nice and I hope you
can forgive me. In return I have a treat for you
at the end of this mail :-)

I am scheduled to give a CouchDB hands-on
workshop at XTech under the provision that
enough people go and register for my tutorial.
If no one shows up, my workshop gets cancelled.
Can you figure out what to do? :-)

Here's more information about the workshop:

And h is more information about XTech:

It'd be cool, if I could meet some of you in person!

Thanks for sitting though this little commercial.
You've earned your treat:

You can make fun of me waving arms around
and trying to explain CouchDB in 60 minutes
on this video of my presentation at the Mountain
West Ruby Conference earlier this month:

It starts a bit slow but gets better throughout.

and thanks again!

And may The Couch be with you

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