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From Ted Leung <>
Subject Re: CouchDB status report due
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2008 15:08:15 GMT

On Mar 31, 2008, at 9:34 PM, Jan Lehnardt wrote:

> Heya Ted,
> On Mar 31, 2008, at 19:40 , Ted Leung wrote:
>> Ok folks,
>> The automated reminder system (Marvin) just sent out the notices  
>> asking for board reports for the April board meeting.   We missed  
>> the March report, so we really need to get our act together and put  
>> together a report this time.    Once Noel creates the appropriate  
>> page, we can put our report there.  For examples of reports, see: <

>> >.
> I am not quite sure who you addressing here, that is, who's  
> responsible to do what now, but since you've sent this to -dev, I  
> guess we all are :-)

Yes, hopefully someday relatively soon, stuff like this will not be  
the job of the mentor, but the community itself.   So consider this  
practice.  :-)

> Here's a draft. I have never done this before and looking at the  
> examples you linked to, it might be a bit verbose. Feel free  
> (anyone) to edit the draft in any way. I am in no way attached to  
> what compiled here:

We missed a report for one month, so we have more stuff to say (we are  
suppposed to report every month for the 1st 3 months of incubation,  
and then settle into a 3 month rotation thereafter.   Once we  
graduate, we'll also be on a 3 month rotation).   Keep in mind that  
the board has a stack of these reports to read, so tighter is better.

> (For the sake of readability, I ommitted any wiki markup)
> CouchDB
> IPMC Reviews:
> CouchDB is a distributed document database written in Erlang. The  
> project entered incubation on February 12th, 2008.
> The infrastructure (SVN, JIRA, mailing lists etc) have been set up  
> and the team started moving source and documentation from their  
> former homes to the ASF.
> Work on CouchDB that has begun earlier is being continued and  
> committed to the new repository. This includes a major refactoring  
> and subsequent simplification of the core code base (-500 (ca. 10%)  
> LOC) and its modularisation. The storage and view engines are now  
> separate entities that can be worked on independently. This was done  
> in preparation for the upcoming database compaction feature, which  
> is in its final stages of development.
> At the same time, the mochiweb branch is very active, entirely  
> driven by Christopher Lenz. The goal of this branch is to replace  
> the Erlang/OTP inets HTTP server with the more appropriate Mochiweb  
> package. This is still work in progress, but at the moment, more  
> than half of our test suite succeeds.
> Noah Slater's been active to review, move and convert the contents  
> of, the former home of the CouchDB  
> documentation to the ASF provided MoinMoin installation. That  
> includes the setup of human readable redirects and the development  
> of a set of mod_rewrite rules that still need to be set up.
> Damien Katz is sill fighting the current host of the couchdb.*  
> domains to successfully redirect to our new virtual homes.
> The IBM software grant that is required for Damien Katz's code  
> contributions is reportedly on file with the ASF.

Well, we have Damien's grant.   I don't believe IBM has anything to  
say about CouchDB, although they may now have something to say about  
his current work since he is employed there.    I think there's a  
question about whether IBM's CCLA needs updating to cover Damien in  
this regard.


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