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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: Status Update
Date Sun, 30 Mar 2008 05:10:51 GMT

Just to update you on my activity:

 * The new Wiki migration/consolidation is now complete:

 * Every page in the old Wiki has been replaced with a per-page human readable
   redirection to the correct page on the new Wiki.

 * I have produced an Apache recipe for redirecting requests from the old Wiki
   to the new Wiki while still preserving the topic of the resource they were
   looking for. A sample configuration has been attached to this email.

   I am currently hosting this on my personal site and you can test:

   I am more than willing to host this redirecting properly, just ask.

 * I have updated all the source documentation to use Markdown following Chris's
   changes for the CouchDB incubation site.

 * I have removed the generated HTML files from Subversion, this didn't seem
   like a good use of revision control.

 * I have modified the site build script to construct the following pages directly
   from /trunk/README, /trunk/TROUBLESHOOTING, /trunk/NEWS in the source:

   Chris, you may not like my specific modifications, I have no attachment to
   the current implementation, but it seemed like the easiest way to get this
   done on FreeBSD. I am more than happy to change things around.

 * I have added the /site/ script which can be run directly from a
   source checkout on minotaur to build and publish the site.

 * I would like to suggest we move the /site directory into the /trunk so that
   the documentation can be built as part of the package at distribution
   time. From my perspective as the Debian maintainer for CouchDB I would dearly
   like to include a static copy of the HTML documentation in the package.

   If this is agreed on, I can make the changes right away.


Noah Slater <>

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