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From Rainer Glaschick <>
Subject FAUXTON 2.0.0: Error message hides useful parts too long
Date Sun, 30 Apr 2017 11:49:16 GMT
For a newbie, who has not yet a solid idea where to find what on the UI, the message at the
top hides parts of the screen too long.

E.g., I wante to delete a database and create it anew.

The message that the deletion was successful stays for more than 5 seconds at the top, hiding
the button to create a new database, and made me search elsewherer. The Message pane has exactly
the same size as the top panel,and a newbie like me will not suspect any useful widgets below.

Note that the deletion has to be acknowledged by a small panel in a black window that hides
the original screen, so there is no image of the previous screen the user can remember, when
the screen with the message on top returns.

Possible actions:

- make the message (partially) transparent; however, this reduces contrast and is not optimal.

- overlay not the top panel, but the panel with the list of databases. 

- the confirmation popup only blacks out the panel with the list of databases.

Rainer Glachick, Paderborn, Germany

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