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Subject [couchdb] branch prototype/fdb-layer-final-rebase created (now 7ee3cb3)
Date Wed, 09 Sep 2020 15:01:18 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

davisp pushed a change to branch prototype/fdb-layer-final-rebase
in repository

      at 7ee3cb3  Make COPY doc return only one "ok"

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 4671774  Update build system for FoundationDB
     new 5fe8faf  Disable eunit test suite in fabric
     new 1d1392c  Initial fabric2 implementation on FoundationDB
     new 0ba7f82  Initial test suite for the fabric2 implementation
     new 4097e5f  Update ddoc_cache to use fabric2
     new 8675946  Start switching chttpd HTTP endpoints to fabric2
     new ad2e0f4  Remove debug logging
     new 098c920  Implement attachment compression
     new f62ad1e  Fix fabric2_txids:terminate/2
     new 5812a0d  Fix revision generation on attachment upload
     new f8694ad  Convert attachment info to disk terms correctly
     new f4152e0  Allow for previously configured filters
     new f159f24  Fix validate_doc_update when recreating a document
     new 56cf822  Database config changes should bump the db version
     new abe6092  Implement `_users` db authentication
     new cbe6687  Update get security to use fabric2
     new f0a4759  Fix arity in changes timeout callback
     new 4069753  Fix exception in cache auth doc update
     new 9fb4109  CouchDB background jobs
     new 4c75842  Remove tests for deprecated features.
     new 7cec23b  Implement _all_dbs/_all_docs API parameters
     new 7a80cad  Fix bulk docs error reporting
     new 6f501a0  Fix `COPY` method
     new 65a2c9a  Fix revision tree extensions
     new 878e06e  Implement `POST /_dbs_info`
     new a0484a0  Fix formatting of all_docs_test.exs
     new 6aed113  Reinitialize chttpd_auth_cache on config change
     new e62e485  Disable broken couch_att tests
     new 36bf49b  Expose ICU ucol_getSortKey
     new 53c2e04  Fix more elixir tests
     new e8bdcf7  Make fabric2.hrl public
     new 7095a99  Expose the is_replicator_db and is_user_db logic
     new 0243c7c  Fix default key ranges for fold_range
     new 96eb08e  CouchDB map indexes on FDB
     new 4f11d99  Fix job handling to halt on errors
     new ab7ac01  Update to use new fold_range_future/wait functions
     new df812e8  Write large documents in chunks
     new e3b680d  Remember to remove old doc bodies
     new a291c7e  Configurable FDB directory prefixes for CouchDB instances
     new 9599f53  only fetch 1 query server for indexing
     new 6fd2265  Add timeout for 'fold_docs-with_different_keys' test
     new 69da994  add trace test for couch_views
     new 5c0cc99  Implement fabric2_db EPI plugin
     new 46b0bfa  Fix DB reopen behavior
     new c6a53fe  Open dbs with admin privileges in couch_views_indexer
     new 8e88fb2  Implement update_seq for couch_views
     new 8dfabcb  Move fabric2_dir_prefix_tests to test directory
     new 343673e  Fix couch_views encoding test
     new 9a1447c  Skip before_doc_update processing for local docs
     new 6112fa4  Remove debug logging in fabric2_db_plugin
     new ad3e199  Fix starkey_docid, endkey_docid and inclusive_end=false for _all_docs
     new 874e908  Implement _all_docs/queries
     new ee85d71  Implement _design_docs and _local_docs
     new 7b03ea0  Add a max db name length config option
     new 10c6f65  Handle update_seq for _local_docs
     new fb628cb  Handle _changes since=now param
     new 1d3367e  Fetch docs in parallel for view indexing
     new caebcee  Fix _changes heartbeat option
     new a56faa7  Implement setting and getting _revs_limit
     new 7b774ec  Make get_security and get_revs_limit calls consistent
     new f31750e  Check members after db is opened
     new 51bf9ea  Add revision stemming for interactive docs
     new 1bda85e  Fix doc counts for replicated deletions
     new 694dfe0  Add more deleted docs replication cases to integration test
     new e5c91fe  Add couch_eval abstraction layer
     new 94552f6  Initial creation of couch_js application
     new 0fb3853  Implement couch_js callbacks for couch_eval
     new b971263  Add tests for couch_js application
     new 7cbb964  Update couch_views to use couch_eval
     new 8ce674e  Fix mango index validation
     new b80261d  Fix timeout in couch_views
     new ff5cb2e  DRY out CouchDB FDB prefix fetching
     new f9dbfa8  Use a shorter name for create_or_open_couchdb_dir
     new a8b9b8b  Enable FDB transaction tracing
     new 003b51c  Take better advantage of metadata version key feature
     new 6ced531  Remove compiler warning
     new 8357a9b  Chunkify local docs
     new 1e3379d  Add a special error for an invalid legacy local doc revsion
     new 255b7c5  add test to prove we can view swap
     new e191183  Use "\xFF/metadataVersion" key for checking metadata
     new 421805b  Abandon a view job if the db or ddoc is deleted
     new 139d00d  Pass contexts to fabric2_db functions
     new 096867f  Ensure we can create partitioned design docs with FDB
     new 3ea171c  Check security properties in the main transaction
     new 6b1e536  Before starting a db transanction, refresh the db handle from the cache
     new fb10746  Update fabric2_fdb's set_config to take un-encoding values
     new e30549a  Assert Db handle field existence in `load_config/1` in fabric2_fdb
     new 01f62f2  Check membership when calling get_security/1 in fabric2_db
     new 7e4757f  Support regexp based blacklist in config
     new cfbb1b4  Implement fabric2_server:fdb_cluster/0
     new cef89f6  Add ctrace application
     new 780f587  Trace http endpoints
     new 4992872  Trace fdb transactions
     new c06a6c5  Implement node types
     new 24fffde  Add operation names for all HTTP endpoints
     new cf08836  Change end-point /_up to check fdb connectivity
     new 00b5956  Optimize view read latency when the view ready
     new 1a44156  Retry for failed indexes builds
     new 57b1951  Normalize fabric2 test suite
     new 6d86e71  Delete attachments when no longer referenced
     new 1bae6f8  Expiring cache
     new a09bc6b  Improve transaction name setting when tracing FDB transactions
     new 44ae82f  Add `external`  tag to opentrace events
     new 37c47ab  Change map indexes to be stored in one row
     new 599e69c  Delete unused ets table creation
     new 7e667e2  reserve search namespace
     new 41cc0fb  Support jaeger http reporter
     new c7e6880  fix b3 - Headers suppose to be strings
     new 210ea76  Add basic test case for b3 fix
     new d4d7933  Encode startkey/endkey for all_docs (#2538)
     new f99c295  Fix doc attachment tests
     new b081a3c  Track a database level view size rollup
     new e7e168a  Implement async API for `fabric2_fdb:get_info/1`
     new 3faa426  Implement `fabric2_db:list_dbs_info/1,2,3`
     new 83263cc  Support `GET /_dbs_info` endpoint
     new da1cb1f  Implement mult-transactional iterators for _changes feeds
     new 47c8437  Use {restart_tx, false} option in view index builder changes feed
     new 5bd27de  Remove attachment headers field
     new 02ff58d  Track the size of data stored in a database
     new 96c2b59  Add tests for database size tracking
     new ae7e351  Convert versionstamps to binaries
     new 61bef06  Test coverage: list_dbs and list_dbs_info
     new a7d6f94  Test coverage: get_full_doc_info
     new 72dc367  Test coverage: validate_dbname, validate_docid
     new ad54a21  Test coverage: apply_open_doc_opts
     new f75e74f  Re-use changes feed main transaction when including docs
     new f0738aa  Handle spurious 1009 (future_version) errors in couch_jobs pending
     new 73879a0  Let couch_jobs use its own metadata key
     new ec60c03  Improve validate_dbname test
     new 1d1313a  Add 410 status code to stats_descriptions
     new 004eb94  Support setting base_url in Couch test helper (take 2)
     new b528b7a  Do not use the ddoc cache to load _changes filter design documents
     new 474e55a  Add fdb_to_revinfo compatibility with 5-tuple Val
     new 7e7eaca  Fix bug in fdb_to_revinfo compatibility clauses
     new 193999a  Add fdb_to_revinfo version compatibility unit test
     new 9e87f15  Fix catching of Jiffy error exceptions
     new fbfbda3  Temporary shortcut to running the fdb test suite
     new 3009706  Fix couch_views type in wait_for_job
     new 04407a4  standardize couch_views_indexer_tests
     new 6e0ce76  Add Key/Value size limit for map indexes
     new 65ea7a0  Enable fdb feature
     new 684158d  Clean up view size limit enforcement
     new e40d53f  Refactor view index layout
     new 14e235b  Fix handling of duplicate keys
     new 3474cfa  Don't store `{0,0,[]}` for views with new results
     new afa9ca7  Test size calculations for view rows
     new 800fd5f  Optimize resubmitting pending jobs
     new 6dd4d92  Implement a simple index auto-updater
     new 370945f  Enable index auto-updating for couch_views
     new ef6e5bd  Fix bug in reverse folding with startkey_docid
     new 395d188  couch_jobs resubmit updates job data (#2649)
     new 03032ae  Fix _changes with a _view filter
     new 2022b38  Handle spurious erlfdb future
     new 07f2fd6  Handle transaction timeouts in list_dbs and list_dbs_info
     new c2bf6a6  Refactor some of the "tx_too_old" tests
     new 0e6bc89  A few minor cleanups in fabric2_db_crud_tests
     new b3abe44  add _conflicts field to docs for views
     new 5664ce6  Handle transaction cancelled errors in list_dbs_info/3
     new dfae576  Handle transaction timeouts in _all_docs
     new 5c11a85  Reformat and simplify couch_views_indexer_test module
     new bc5c5ff  Add additional get_doc spans
     new da4864d  Fix database re-creation
     new 34a9339  Add a fabric doc fold test when db is re-created
     new 841b28d  Fix couch_jobs after recent db re-creation commit
     new 8b4de18  add info endpoint for fdb stored views (#2706)
     new 0d48755  set DbPrefix with value allocated with erlfdb_hca
     new da99ca9  Implement fabric2_db:get_design_docs/1
     new bb79704  Improve fabric2_events
     new f946f4f  Handle db re-creation in view indexing
     new e6d6754  Fix db prefix checks in fabric2_fdb
     new 7204f28  Make sure to clear db metadata flag before each transaction
     new cda053e  Implement AES KW algorithm*
     new 1b06c01  Return a 400 error code for an invalid update sequence
     new 45a8440  Don't advertise unimplemented features
     new 03bdf7d  change _all_docs to raw collation
     new 619f611  Switch erlfdb to the couchdb repo at tag v1.0.0
     new 17efbfc  Use `couch_rate` application for `couch_view`
     new 4075ffc  fix all_docs call to return row
     new cdce3b7  move all_doc view options to fabric2_util
     new e2303f6  add include_docs option to fold_docs
     new 196fab2  add fabric2 after_doc_write plugin
     new 38a9971  Add couch_views_indexer build to creation versionstamp
     new a4d6e6b  All couch_view queries to run across transactions
     new 9110228  Add couch_views_updater interactive indexer
     new 141c79c  Add couch_views_encoding max value
     new 1cf1873  remove mango native proc
     new 6e62d4b  remove partition opts from mango
     new d68824b  remove unneeded r/w parameter
     new df5da1c  Remove view_cb predicate push down
     new 0a55b78  Remove quorum stats
     new 5ef5956  Add mango indexing
     new cfb242c  Update Mango query to work with couch_views
     new 8c98bb4  Update mango test creds to same as elixir tests
     new b307a0c  update mango tests to work with Mango on FDB
     new 39755aa  remove defer and load_ddocs from mango_utils
     new 588978f  Return better responses for endpoints which are not implemented
     new 5dab689  Fix POST _all_docs/queries endpoint
     new d40266f  Do not allow editing _security in _user database
     new 7ab6905  Start running chttpd eunit tests
     new 3fd446c  Support soft-deletion in fabric level
     new bd30b8f  Support soft-deletion in chttpd level
     new e4a0932  Compress doc bodies and attachments
     new e07694a  Add mango_plugin
     new 235639b  Fix job removal notifications
     new a3a6676  Fix division by zero
     new 42d060b  Make 'make check' run all the passing FDB tests on this branch
     new 1ba482e  Fix incorrect usage of couch_epi in mango plugin
     new b29efae  Fix flaky fabric2_index test
     new e251d1f  Fix index updater configuration keys
     new d275664  Rename variables to indicate transaction state
     new 93d58e1  Move process_db/1 to match the logical progression
     new ae04ecf  Update to use `fabric2_db:get_design_docs/1`
     new 4f27ba1  Extend fabric2_index callbacks for index cleanup
     new 5ab5720  Implement couch_views:cleanup_indices/2
     new fc48619  Implement _view_cleanup for FoundationDB
     new 7208291  Optionally cleanup stale indices automatically
     new d4b79b0  Remove jobs on index cleanup
     new b2fb87a  Remove failed view jobs
     new 94571ec  Implement couch_views_cleanup_test.erl
     new 66461df  Integrate emilio - erang linter
     new 62476f9  Enable configurable binary chunk size
     new 2823ab3  report changes stats intermittently (#2777)
     new 2109522  Refactor expiring cache FDB interface
     new 1813ebe  Clean up old expiry key on update insert
     new dd8d2df  Merge keys from rebar.config
     new 5e0ffe7  Allow using cached security and revs_limit properties
     new 6915c93  Fetch doc in same transaction as _all_doc row
     new 38d10c6  Fix typo in error message
     new 60f18d3  Add after_interactive_write plugin to couch_views_updater
     new 3c69747  Refactor fetching rev code in fabric2_fdb
     new 8e5b859  Add fold_docs for DocId list
     new f60a273  Report the chttpd_auth authentication db in session info
     new e2f2919  Add native encryption support
     new d073739  Add a couch_views test for multiple design documents with the same map
     new 5127359  Update erlfdb to v1.1.0
     new 8983156  Allow specifying FDB transaction options
     new e0292a4  Fix mango test suite
     new 14a19fa  Remove etag from changes and _list_dbs
     new b2b6c44  Temporary disable fabric2_tx_options_tests
     new 07efede  Re-enable the tx options tests
     new 3b1fe41  Improve robustness of couch expiring cache test
     new 6d3cdb4  Fix a flaky fdbcore index test
     new 0358364  Fix list_dbs_info_tx_too_old flaky test
     new 4f8702b  return correct not implemented for reduce
     new adc27fa  add test to make sure type <<"text">> design docs are ignored
     new 888e54a  Re-enable ExUnit tests
     new 6aea466  Update erlfdb
     new 18ba40f  Convert aegis key cach to LRU with hard expiration time
     new 1c20462  add local_docs to fold_doc with docids
     new 6a5c328  mix format all_docs_test.exs
     new e06c510  Fix couch_views updater_running info result
     new d171310  background deletion for soft-deleted database
     new 695d132  Fix a few flaky tests in fabric2_db
     new 4f45d5d  Fix compiler warning
     new 1b21aca  Fix variable shadowing
     new 3ff388e  Move not_implemented check down to allow testing of validation
     new cdbc033  Add tests for legacy API before refactoring
     new 7576cd8  Implement pagination API
     new 0a89529  Add tests for pagination API
     new f88c7b4  Fix flaky couch_jobs type monitor test
     new 2ffad94  Bulk docs transaction batching
     new ac0675a  Improve log of permanently deleting databases
     new 37d583b  Fix handling of limit query parameter
     new 4888ae8  Improve load handling in couch_jobs and couch_views
     new 89a576e  Remove erlfdb mock from update_docs/2,3 test
     new 11869b4  Lower the default batch size for update_docs to 2.5MB
     new e56feef  Introduce _bulk_docs max_doc_count limit
     new 8cd1bf9  Don't skip over docs in mango indices on erlfdb errors
     new 9557b51  Fix mango erlfdb error catch clause erlfdb -> erlfdb_error
     new 7e87d6b  Fix bad catch statement in couch_jobs activity monitor
     new 328d3bf  Protect couch_jobs activity monitor against timeouts as well
     new 87d2133  Guard couch_jobs:accept_loop timing out
     new 2722e8e  Prevent eviction of newer handles from fabric_server cache
     new 04fc6ec  Remove on_commit handler from fabric2_fdb
     new d622751  Handle error:{timeout, _} exception in couch_jobs:accept
     new c17948f  Improve efficiency of couch_jobs:accept/2 for views
     new d2cb85d  Fix couch_jobs accept timeout when no_schedule option is used
     new 5caf03e  Include database uuid in db info result
     new 3e0676a  Split couch_views acceptors and workers
     new 4b07df3  Handle transaction and future timeouts in couch_jobs notifiers
     new 13c245c  Bump erlfdb to v1.2.2
     new 7f68529  add back r and w options
     new a71acb9  Reserve aegis namespace under ?CLUSTER_CONFIG
     new 5cdc97e  Add max_bulk_get_count configuration option
     new d9a42aa  Start all required deps automatically in test
     new e2acd5a  Do not fail when emilio detects errors
     new 9d49a99  Simplify using `req_body` for JSON requests
     new 1bbddfa  Fix auth injection in test helper
     new 64b50e6  Initial commit
     new b8ce175  readme
     new 4376ba3  Update
     new 9eca76c  Update
     new ea1868d  oops forgot the .app
     new b35f7f9  get vsn from git
     new 1608db2  fix compilation warnings
     new 223e4d8  Update
     new 4f80c9b  Add incremental reduce on non-leaf nodes.
     new 3d5c2c8  Update
     new 15919cd  fix bug in reduce handling during delete
     new ea98b6e  Pluggable collation
     new edbfcaa  nah
     new 1502177  remove ?MODULE: nonsense
     new c6b1c2e  improve range tests
     new 9ade59d  fix range when using non-standard collation
     new 95509cb  fix reverse_range when using non-standard collation
     new 0d22941  Accidentally introduced duplicates with custom collation
     new 4326263  fix delete with custom collation
     new 5f2f3fc  remember firstkey of subtree
     new 1f54fd9  document existence of reduce functionality
     new e6220cb  rename reduce to full_reduce to better represent its function
     new 3515fd3  arbitrary reductions
     new 0b44636  add fold/4
     new 078a198  implement full_reduce using fold
     new 0c650a9  handy comparison funs
     new 1c1faec  reimplement lookup as a fold
     new 987435d  unused variables
     new c7aedfb  reimplement reduce as fold
     new 6c670da  enable coverage
     new a1db01a  collation fun tests
     new 589a897  remove unused functions
     new 6f28286  Add upper bound to intermediate reduce list size
     new 030759c  make upper bound of interactive reduce match tree maximum
     new 249f191  move full_reduce
     new 8778cf9  more tests
     new 6fa4c46  fix bug in full_reduce when root is a leaf
     new 8289d19  more tests
     new a8024d8  reduce every 50. flip flop.
     new 1cf0efb  follow reduce's style in full_reduce
     new 14ae504  remove premature optimization even thought it was neat
     new b059cdc  minor optimize when visting leaf
     new 2ee368a  extract final reduce function
     new 246db44  Arbitrary group reduce
     new 754f496  ensure erlfdb is started before ebtree
     new e8adb3d  sequential ids
     new 5b5be30  Eliminate unnecessary node lookup
     new 4bcd364  swap get_node and get_node_wait
     new 8a7b57d  Remove separate init function
     new 7525167  Introduce min and max keys for open ranges
     new d890793  Update
     new a0e9329  reuse do_reduce in full_reduce
     new 9af29e9  clarify the meaning of Fun in range/reverse_range
     new b894c04  switch group_reduce to a user-defined acc function
     new 672dc4d  Ensure all keys are in range during group_reduce
     new bd9e04f  assert that non-leafs have no prev/next pointers
     new 59e6b26  and then fix the bug where they got one
     new ec9d4b1  adjust rebar.config to work with rebar2 and rebar3
     new 279d4dd  fix how lookup rate is calculated in tests
     new c03982d  honor ?MIN and ?MAX in find_child_int
     new 5bdac8d  update to reflect progress
     new 531c939  don't export reduce funs, they're just for tests now
     new 8997de4  add spec/edoc to all public functions
     new 697d599  Allow fold in fwd and rev direction
     new 47a9454  Add support for group_reduce in reverse order
     new 28cdade  two blank lines between different functions
     new e4b0bc2  refine typespec for callback functions
     new 2c0370f  Add ASLv2 license
     new f01bdf4  add ebtree to rebar / reltool.config
     new 01a2375  Allow encode/decode customisation
     new 629294d  Add support for previous bookmark
     new b38f296  Use stored order without complaint
     new 11491e4  Pass fdb key to the encode_fun
     new bc34ba3  Fix 'first page should not return previous bookmark' test
     new b7e2069  Only call erlfdb:set if the node changes
     new bef1831  separate out collation wrapper to avoid spurious comparisons
     new cc37f42  add get_active_job_ids and get_types
     new 09e96fc  add support for active_tasks via fabric2
     new fed6433  add active_tasks for view builds using version stamps
     new fd8e881  Use _scheduler/jobs instead of _active_tasks in replication Elixir tests
     new 79dd25e  Replace the 'true' clauses in visit with more explicit ones
     new 851addf  Allow inclusive_start/end
     new 3920d30  Strip last_msg from logs
     new c63a964  Add format_status/2 callback in gen_server implementations
     new be4dae6  Do not log sensitive data during _cluster_setup
     new 16c1c0e  Do not log admin credentials
     new 02a05f5  Update config app
     new 79c3b35  Call collate for group equality
     new 69da7e1  Allow interactive requests to reopen a re-created db instance
     new 5154340  Optionally add a key manager application as a dependency
     new 1f08f9f  Validate the result from collate_fun
     new d4a9ae4  add local_seq option to views (#3043)
     new 80d646c  Export reduce/5
     new 01b4c7c  Handle empty reduce batches
     new 9498342  Fix range scans over an empty tree
     new 914bd58  Speed up ebtree test suite without losing coverage
     new 2ff6b86  Tighten expectation of members format by level
     new e1d1172  extra tests
     new f57713b  Pluggable persist_fun
     new 735caae  add has_failures to couch_rate_limiter (#3088)
     new 99ab818  Do not use (catch ...) in couch_views_reader:load_docs/4
     new 61f72b2  Don't log client disconnects
     new 2d86f93  Clear sensitive flag at end of public api functions
     new eb91b24  clear jobs data in active area during removal
     new bcdf984  Fix ordering of page_size based pagination for views
     new 8ca9e55  Handle empty maps in active_tasks data structure
     new b8301cc  Allow creating new deleted documents
     new 073aa1a  Implement ebtree:insert_multi/3
     new f7d042c  Implement ebtree:lookup_multi/3
     new 450c74a  Implement caching of immutable ebtree nodes
     new 5eb9be0  Optimize umerge_members
     new 0ccd2f9  Disable node validation in production
     new 7ee3cb3  Make COPY doc return only one "ok"

The 401 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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