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Subject [couchdb-documentation] branch bulkGet created (now ef0b759)
Date Sun, 20 Jan 2019 16:47:05 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

flimzy pushed a change to branch bulkGet
in repository

      at ef0b759  Update Bulk Get response to be valid

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new e1caf29  Transmogrify Couchbase XML to .rst and support Sphinx
     new c4e7664  Integrate Sphinx into autotools
     new 2f46fc8  Add docs and search links into Futon
     new 1e26da6  Added support for `make -j` and `make -n`
     new 162a0b0  Docs: add notes on CORS functionality
     new 6bf4903  reflect that we reverted 1334 in the various change log files
     new 03c60a2  document number encoding
     new 666816d  add contributing chapter
     new 78b8df8  Use our official doc links
     new 23eb3a0  Update copyright year to 2013
     new d7b0bd3  add pbkdf2 iterations config to docs
     new 6181a15  Fix: documentation contains GeoCouch specifics
     new 006f5de  Mention CORS support in 1.3.0 changelog.
     new d8886a5  docs: improve language in Erlang query server section.
     new 70f5953  docs: improve language, consistency in JS query server section
     new 5a2b561  docs: improve language, consistency in CommonJS section
     new 55e26ed  docs: fix Sphinx warning
     new f499ccb  Fix grammar in EventSource feed type introduction.
     new fa5e15e  Note the need for allowing CORS for EventSource feeds.
     new d1feb65  Fix errors in, improve style of EventSource example code.
     new b73ebea  docs: add error handling code to EventSource example
     new adfc77b  docs: clean up the contributing guide a little
     new a897d6c  docs: move section on HTTP range requests into API chapter
     new 4e2ab84  docs: merge API introduction and actual reference material
     new 19222b4  docs: move section on OS daemons into configuration chapter
     new 120a539  docs: move section on SSL support into configuration chapter
     new 7bf25f8  docs: move section on HTTP proxying into configuration chapter
     new 9fe5670  docs: update for recent section folding
     new 7195359  docs: move sections on vhosts, URL rewriting into configuration chapter
     new 798b193  docs: fold section on CORS into configuration chapter
     new e6f1856  docs: improve language, structure in CORS section
     new 5db9750  docs: merge separate CommonJS sections
     new d35fa7e  docs: cut useless section on file permission error messages
     new 3ba5b1a  docs: move upgrade notes into changelog chapter
     new bb1dd17  docs: move configuration reference down a bit
     new 06b722a  docs: improve chapter title consistency
     new d34c061  docs: add Upgrade Notes for 1.2.0
     new 3b6420c  docs: add more structure to the release history
     new 23ed1a5  docs: don't refer to release chapter in build system
     new e01d537  docs: rewrite sentence about HTTP admins interface
     new d99b0c8  Forward port 1.3.1 changes
     new 8650724  Allow storing a pre-hashed admin password
     new 814682d  Add documentation on replication
     new dd1a162  Use Array#forEach instead of for .. in
     new f7dbbce  Expanded description of the validate_doc_update function
     new 78c2b4a  Fix database info's instance_start_time field description
     new 6c0959f  Copy preliminary 1.4 changelog items to docs.
     new 8d6d586  Support Last-Event-ID header for eventsource changes feeds
     new 1598201  Import couch_dbupdates from rcouch.
     new e8eb9e9  Merge branch '1684-feature-db-updates'
     new 25ac5c1  Apply _list functions for _all_docs view. COUCHDB-1139
     new 17211e0  Fill out the 1.4.0 changelog.
     new 242d133  Add 1.2.1 changes to docs changelog.
     new 2f2f681  Add 1.1.2 changes to docs changelog.
     new 30b5b4d  Add 1.0.4 changes to docs changelog.
     new 83f75f6  Add security section to 1.0.2 changelog.
     new 4411205  Mention CVE in 0.11.2 changelog.
     new 4098026  Add COUCHDB-1838 warning for public_fields in two places.
     new 070591c  Add documentation on users_db_public (see COUCHDB-1838).
     new e33c87c  document header config for cors
     new 043248c  [docs] clariy purpose of purge
     new d35ff69  Fix typo, consistency with vertical whitespace.
     new a272c74  Update version in documentation.
     new 0b80721  Add 'html/contributing.html' to ''
     new 0b2dcca  Setup API sections references.
     new a6881ad  Fix references to API
     new b8b1773  Split configuring.rst into the set of articles.
     new 071aa00  Describe attachments config section.
     new 731b202  Describe vendor config section.
     new 524d7ff  Describe couchdb config section.
     new 16fd6e6  Describe uuids config section. Tweak a bit related API section.
     new 02b35b8  Describe stats config section.
     new 363c273  Describe couch_httpd_auth config section.
     new 69ea8c3  Improve vhosts config docs using CouchDB sources.
     new be8f134  Sort httpd options.
     new bf1cbf3  Use Paul J. Davis commit message as os_daemons docs.
     new 3bb9977  Describe daemons config section.
     new 106d133  Describe compaction config section.
     new 8dc48c8  Describe compaction_daemon config section.
     new 1b1b853  Describe native_query_servers config section.
     new e3cea80  Describe replicator config section.
     new 9eb0f6c  Describe query_servers config section.
     new f149509  Describe oauth and couch_httpd_oauth config sections.
     new c65a065  Describe log and log_level_by_module config sections.
     new 0e5120f  Describe os_daemon config sections.
     new c50e6f5  Add changes_timeout options for httpd settings.
     new 57d7acb  Merge compaction-daemon.rst into compaction.rst
     new 27d9ba9  Describe database_compaction config section.
     new a549e47  Add query_server_config options description.
     new 75006cc  Add fsync_options parameter description.
     new e5704db  Describe httpd's x_forwarded_* options.
     new 9eabb3f  Fill missed allow_jsonp description.
     new 2582983  Fix setting sorting.
     new 019e2be  Add Proxy Auth related config options.
     new 6d26074  Update list of available auth handlers.
     new 0fcc1c5  Describe view_compaction config section.
     new eb430f5  Improve introduction into CouchDB configuration.
     new dd0b8c8  Group compaction options.
     new 6022063  Group HTTP server options.
     new f1a0841  Group authentication options.
     new 6c4179a  Group query servers options.
     new e55dca9  Group external processes configuration.
     new 92b5d8a  Update base configuration group.
     new 9b4f11b  Group misc options.
     new 2c99886  Rebrand daemons to services.
     new 835274b  Rebrand log to logging.
     new 909d53a  Set header for replicator options group.
     new a6bb4c5  Fix references.
     new 3980ac4  Describe global, database and design document http handlers.
     new add9a2a  Mention X-Couch-Full-Commit header for bulk API.
     new 8894f85  Add references to changes feed sections.
     new a893436  Add eventsource feed type to API. Set back references.
     new 3f2a95d  Reduce content duplicity for changes feed.
     new c9a21bc  Don't confuse with as consumer.
     new 9881d82  Describe authentication methods and their API.
     new b0f9542  Move api basics to the related group of articles.
     new 607e398  Provide quick links to show and edit docs on GitHub.
     new c8e3c45  Revert HTTP range requests as attachments API subsection.
     new a03a444  Add sections anchors for /db/_local API.
     new d3c7418  Add HEAD /db API method description.
     new 9bd72e6  Group replication articles.
     new b7dfe2f  Add replication protocol definition.
     new 4e943de  Import wiki article about replication conflicts.
     new f4269b2  Add comparison of replication protocol with Git.
     new 85b50bc  Use singular name for article groups.
     new 12fd6f1  Protocol goes first.
     new f6cdbf4  Split query-servers article into the group.
     new 6c610b5  Split API articles into small files focused on specific problem.
     new 55fde01  Move changes feeds description into API article.
     new d7a48a8  Move JSON Number handling section to API basics.
     new b9f9601  Import INSTALL.* docs from project root.
     new 6954695  Fix typo in autogenerated content.
     new 5eeec78  Mention glazier project for Windows install.
     new 2cff896  Add Gentoo and FreeBSD install guides.
     new cdc3416  Bump required Erlang version.
     new 824d39e  Import Fauxton docs.
     new 1821e83  Wrong extension.
     new 59cd96e  Add query server protocol definition.
     new 404bb8f  Fix references.
     new 32ea108  Describe public_fields option.
     new ac11f42  Init CouchApp's articles group.
     new d41e3dc  Add Paul Joseph Davis's guide to externals API.
     new 69ac1e9  Import views article from Guide to CouchDB as introduction to views.
     new f2c9873  Import view collation article from wiki.
     new 4ad9102  Add article about document joins by using views.
     new 1c6e262  Import "View Cookbook for SQL Jockeys" article from Guide.
     new 7e2f5a8  Fix build files references.
     new 5c9ae74  Add missed license header.
     new 4538553  Strip invisible space. Fix pdf build.
     new 49128fe  Add Windows installation instructions for binary distrib.
     new e50965c  Update config with version markers and users_db_public option.
     new 00d6f21  Add auth API references for config. Small cleanup.
     new bc453d3  More inner references.
     new badf322  Split changelog.rst into group of per release branch articles.
     new 7b9d9ca  Sort changes by issue number in asc order.
     new a075d88  Import breaking changes and upgrade notes from wiki.
     new 336d311  Add MacOS installation guide.
     new b113064  Add CVE information.
     new f47a0af  change some language from mailing-list post to doc
     new fce9bc5  various language improvements
     new 56be352  Ship with sphinx-httpdomain-1.1.9 extension.
     new 86b3c3c  Fix compatibility with Python 3.x Small code cleanup.
     new c604141  Make references for HTTP status codes.
     new d63325b  Provide RFC2616 cross references for HTTP headers.
     new d19e833  Emit emphasis node to remove build warnings.
     new 2561c52  Fix warning.
     new af3a70c  Update Auth API to use HTTP domain.
     new 78ffd10  Update common Server API to use HTTP domain.
     new b3e68e0  Don't fail on non-titled headers.
     new 7c7ebb8  Update Config API to use HTTP domain.
     new 9eb7ed7  Support for COPY method.
     new eb55122  Update Local API to use HTTP domain.
     new 3f7fb8f  Change brackets to fix referencing.
     new c13aced  Update _all_docs API ref to use HTTP domain.
     new 6cdb293  Improve HTTP domain for local needs.
     new e911478  Don't raise an error for local X-Couch-* and Couch-* headers.
     new 4349b83  Cleanup RFC url definitions.
     new 7b83255  Provide reference for Cookie and Set-Cookie headers.
     new 8972733  Change HTTP index names.
     new 8d1cb53  Update converted API references.
     new d68c8af  Merge all-docs into bulk-docs as bulk-api article.
     new a116864  Update Bulk API ref to use HTTP domain..
     new 4ee4f51  Fix bulk_docs descriptions.
     new 44687c7  Update Changes API. Provide reference for Last-Event-ID header.
     new 7655824  Update base Database API ref.
     new 6c62b82  Fix references.
     new 1d38555  Update Compaction API reference.
     new 1c2846f  Update Database misc API reference.
     new 70da605  Update Database Security API reference.
     new f49e006  Add missed HTTP params.
     new 6d9111d  Fix PUT /db/_security metainfo.
     new f686d57  Update Temporary views API reference.
     new 0eea472  Move POST /db method to Database API reference.
     new b57f535  Support Destination header.
     new b6ef81f  Disable common index reference. We're not using it right yet.
     new 4153ca1  Don't group items in HTTP API reference.
     new d5c9bb2  Better API index naming.
     new 875a082  Revert local things.
     new 7b7fb95  Update Document API ref.
     new 955e039  Be project-neutral.
     new 506273d  Update Attachments API reference.
     new 8124bef  Fix typos and namings.
     new c01ae7f  View _all_docs is map-only.
     new 2a71aba  Some markup fixes.
     new b43e047  Update base DDoc API referece.
     new b3b89a5  Import pagination recipe from Guide to CouchDB.
     new fca9b8c  Update Views API Reference.
     new ac42ea9  Handle ANY method as placeholder for any HTTP request method.
     new e0fece2  Update Rewrite API reference.
     new e22243b  Update Render functions API reference.
     new 7a0f6d7  Remove API tables in favor of reference index.
     new 7707f06  Fix dead reference.
     new b814f5a  Source article remembers old map function. Now it's actual.
     new e576df1  Changed Mac OS X section
     new f56e613  Show more content from the main page.
     new 2ef99bc  Respect copyright on content from external sources.
     new 2e1d494  Ignore Python's bytecode files.
     new c471f17  Use acinclude.m4 as single source of project information.
     new 49e588f  Use own template to override the defaults.
     new 5b8408b  Externals API article cleanup.
     new 5c8f838  Update intro response.
     new 6ee41d4  Remove duplicate content.
     new 1e04b44  Add missed Replication-Git comparison authorship.
     new 3ee8ee5  Better introduction into CouchDB.
     new f6177da  Better release version for non-bootsrapped CouchDB.
     new e28de6a  Add download page.
     new c845eb5  Fix markup for PUT /{db}
     new bd2c029  Update images to 1.4.0
     new bb21f77  Add missed figure 7.
     new 32fe579  Wrong image for temporary views.
     new 52bc560  Import introduction to the API from Guide to CouchDB.
     new f97afa4  Preserve valid JSON output.
     new 5192610  Open CouchDB maintenance section about keeping CouchDB live and well.
     new e09b15e  Make builtin reduce functions definition referenceable.
     new ed29321  Describe some performance tips.
     new 2496bb2  Swap maintenance-replication sections.
     new 563631d  Make main page a bit nicer and friendly.
     new 7b5c5ff  Add missed theme's files.
     new 78fe17c  fix problem when LOCAL_VERSION_RELEASE isn't set
     new 66b7c7d  Remove duplicate MacPorts instructions.
     new 7655928  Improve grammar, text flow in new configuration docs.
     new b55a3bf  docs: use sphinx automatic version numbers for protocol responses
     new e444866  Limit sections enumeration.
     new 35850c7  Fix main TOC tree reference.
     new d0f87dd  docs: basics.rst extend floating point explanation
     new 11ff4c5  docs: update bulk-api
     new e457d41  docs: update changes
     new 828c553  docs: ensure scope of server administrator is clear
     new 71869b1  docs: update api/database section
     new 3bd9670  docs: update the updates
     new 853f936  Normalize API path's params names.
     new 65c72bd  Stabilize order of HTTP API reference entries.
     new 3887e87  Provides short description for the HTTP API reference entries.
     new 988d2e3  Add about page with CouchDB license.
     new fd46e46  Prepare for 1.5.0 release.
     new d802d1a  Describe POST /db/_changes and builtin filters.
     new e36d2f1  Add notes about multipart/related API requests.
     new ab2b3f7  Make HTTP domain default one.
     new 55c6a77  Import Security chapter from Guide to CouchDB. Describe _users db.
     new 65360f2  Add configuration domain.
     new 3c3733b  Language tweaks for http/compaction configuration reference.
     new e4fae07  Tweak section subtitles on the index page.
     new c3a70e5  For consistency, always look at for versions.
     new e46bef5  The Gentoo section doesn't provide any useful information, delete it.
     new 7701352  Rename Data Replication section to just Replication.
     new cb29594  Reorganize index a bit, add more topics.
     new e4acae4  Update build system to deal with disappearance of gentoo section.
     new 9196eff  Revert to checking both files, but give .in priority.
     new f7398c7  Correct path to OS X install docs, thanks to Garren.
     new b54ca27  Initial stab at 1.5 changelog.
     new df371ce  [docs] re-add plugins dir config section
     new eda94cd  add docs
     new e3a27ed  add differences notice
     new b278027  prefer install from source
     new 5190b9b  Add 'html/experimental.html' to ''
     new 434476e  update changelog
     new d5e3e3b  reference plugins in exprimental features
     new c3aad55  update reference
     new 679fa36  Fix broken reference to config option.
     new c20d78f  Fix build warnings.
     new 93a9029  [doc] fix commit ref
     new 33b5518  Fix changelog formatting, order.
     new 7204600  Add note about COUCHDB-1901 to changelog.
     new 5508d23  add plugins.html & pagination.rst to Makefiles
     new 495e649  Fixed `method` terminology usage w/database
     new f667eb9  Fix quick search from non-top level articles.
     new 32be503  Temporary fix for quick search form layout on RTD site.
     new 0f872e8  Better temp fix.
     new d2d5277  Fix httpdomain compatibility issue with Python 2.6
     new a44874c  Fix release version generation for docs.
     new 4962462  Add missed docs files for `make html` output.
     new af862ca  Remove {} chars from API reference links.
     new 7af0d9e  Remove "API method" things. Fix header for /_session endpoint.
     new 22776eb  Fixing language in description of filters
     new 2a3f184  Highlight possible_ancestors field for /db/_revs_diff response
     new 840f322  Fixed typo.
     new 9e3307d  Update /db/_bulk_docs docs for HTTP 417 response, examples and markup
     new 8623d3e  Fix /_session section title
     new 9934ed7  Fix markup
     new 106a987  Docs: fix api references for intro/security guide
     new bd5cb4d  Remove unreleased notice for 1.5.0.
     new b3bac70  fixe some typos in the documentation
     new 563d5a4  Docs: add 1.6 release notes for current changes
     new 01a1f81  Docs: handle 1.6 release notes by build system
     new 8fa8d66  is misleading when using the terms 'book' and 'chapter' in the documentation. Replaced these words with document and others
     new d72dd29  Improve _sum and _stats JS equivalents
     new 9ef1f58  fixed some miss communication about _replicator
     new 778ffb5  Docs: add synopsis, deprecated and noindex options to HTTP endpoints
     new cedc427  Docs: fix file generation
     new 5376620  minor documentation improvements in ddoc
     new 0c3df49  Fix minor documemtation typo
     new 16abdb4  Extend support for attachment-related query params
     new 0dd2484  docs: fix naming of figure
     new 13dbbef  Include reason for replication failure in _replicator doc
     new a7ba3ea  Docs: fix indention issues.
     new 052bfb0  Remove pronouns
     new c0f5841  spelling
     new 78572b1  grammar
     new 22720ce  Add documentation for use_checkpoints replicator option
     new e8b784f  docs: various updates for release notes for 1.6.0
     new 7c8ffb2  Document use_checkpoints and checkpoint_interval config options.
     new 3363d20  Improve docs of use_checkpoints and checkpoint_interval config options.
     new 8cda857  Docs: Fix doc building under CI
     new 2893ff1  Docs: Correct a `_revs_info` typo implying a factual error
     new cf78bb9  Document `data_size` in `/db`
     new 74f79c4  Mention SOCKS5 protocol option in docs
     new fa23062  update/improve changelog for 1.6
     new 36b3946  docs: fix highlighting of artwork.jpg
     new efce3c2  added documentation fixes
     new 2023ccb  Fix documentation wording
     new da348c9  ```validate_doc_update``` moved from views to root
     new eece8df  Fix formatting
     new 858a09b  Update pagination docs - COUCHDB-1076 is old now
     new 7592a71  Quick doc edit for clarity.
     new 091983c  s/MVC/MVCC in replication protocol docs
     new 7ed3674  update documentation
     new 32ff4aa  some minor documentatiom fixes
     new 5a4a2ef  fix wording in json-structure
     new 793d70a  fix documentation
     new d307189  Improving misleading example. Do not emit(foo, doc)!
     new f1ef013  put back JSON return value in collation example
     new 2531f04  clarified what a complex key is in view collation
     new cc40d18  fixed _update function example
     new 62df84e  s/teh/the in json-structure
     new 72eaf48  docs: clarify that .d and multiple .ini files only apply to unix
     new e7073ec  minor documentation fix
     new 4f4b906  change the documentation for unix
     new 10c1498  Add documentation for new uuids.max_count option
     new 3a9ac52  Add What's New item about uuids.max_count option
     new 1d31c3a  Describe HTTP 403 response reasons for /_uuids resource
     new 9d61faf  Verify that auth-related properties are well-formed
     new 5db4eed  Add GA tracking to docs, only when not local
     new 0f8038e  Add license header for tracking.html
     new d20f569  Add CVE-2014-2668 warning to old release branches
     new 249718c  Update 1.6.0 notes with proper CVE-2014-2668 note
     new 70ead19  Add CVE-214-2668 documentation to build system
     new e352fab  Add some more files to the build system
     new d43b202  Sometimes one extra character makes all the difference
     new d0ccbb5  [build] add missing entries. Actual file still missing.
     new 86ae5c8  Add documentation for CVE-2014-2668
     new 2f5f7dc  added a section on authorization to the security intro document
     new f5e1140  Support for user configurable SSL ciphers
     new c5a4c7f  minor spelling fixes in docs
     new 8577708  fix documentation for replicator intro
     new 61a2460  minor documentation fixes
     new c064abc  Remove "details" query parameter from show functions API
     new 9d8ed08  Remove "details" query parameter from show functions API. One more time
     new 1dbcd57  Added missing build requirements for Centos/RHEL environments.
     new fc9d1bb  docs: update supported Erlang/OTP and SpiderMonkey versions
     new 9035fbe  Move Erlang 17 support to 1.6.0 release
     new 867bd1a  Send a real EventSource event for heartbeat
     new eb3b599  Support `fail_if_no_peer_cert` ssl option
     new c0f6b01  Rephrase part of the replicator documentation
     new 679af60  Use "single-master" technical term which inspired by RFC 3384
     new c89106e  Add Experimental Content-Security-Policy-Support (CSP) for Fauxton
     new e400e6f  Docs: fix typo in Accept header value
     new f28ab4a  Documentation formatting typo
     new fe7f7bf  really fix typo
     new 529138f  remove all autools
     new 9c03c31  add make hook to rebar.config
     new 7a43c63  inline autotools-based variables that never change
     new 2e1a12e  simple makefiles are beautiful
     new 3ff111f  egregious inconsistent spelling error
     new d511e66  rebar: use dummy .app.src file so parent rebar builds via Makefile
     new ff91acf  Fix some typos in replicator.rst
     new 8699cd5  Improve CouchDB Replication Protocol definition
     new 0bfadc4  Remove mention of "Test Suite" in Futon from documentation
     new 583b392  Remove mention of `group_level=exact`
     new c3416a0  Update LICENSE file
     new 1255a2d  Use "build" directory for output artifacts
     new ef83847  Add NOTICE file
     new 5718b70  Clarify that "View" is a select field
     new 35f59b2  Grammar fixes in security section
     new 6c9e84e  Correction in the request example for HEAD /db/doc
     new bdcf506  Improve documentation of `cacert_file` ssl option
     new df25619  key, startkey and endkey params accepts any valid JSON types
     new 167619f  Here be docs for 2.x
     new d974f51  Move the note below the delete paragraph
     new 332c40b  Clarify the purpose of tombstones
     new be839be  guarantee no longer valid
     new 4d1309e  we don't enable sslv3
     new 6f39c71  Add Transfer-Encoding to the list of HTTP Headers
     new 65e33ff  Styling cleanup. Sort lexical and minor things.
     new 117fce0  Remove trailing whitespaces
     new da998eb  Document _local_docs handler
     new cfbef40  Document _design_docs handler
     new cf161a2  Fix copy/paste typo
     new 45ff179  Minor reduce function notes clean up
     new 0724500  Add a missing argument for the Query Server rereduce command
     new 3dd4342  Add keys query parameter to views docs
     new 7599056  Merge remote-tracking branch 'iilyak/1145-_local_docs-handler'
     new 1146fff  src/whatsnew now follows the style
     new 75787d2  src/replication now follows the style
     new e5d2fc8  src/query-server now follows the style
     new b4c41dd  src/maintenance now follows the style
     new daf7fc5  src/intro now follows the style
     new 805c32e  /src/install now follows the style
     new 317a7c8  src/fauxton now follows the style
     new 0bda0f2  src/cve now follows the style
     new 8d0d049  src/couchapp now follows the style
     new 71a4fc9  src/config now follows the style
     new 25273e7  src/api now follows the style
     new 6b84c18  src now follows the style
     new 8d3e69e  The documentation now have a style
     new c8e94a9  Some very minor fixes.
     new 5a81ace  Merge remote-tracking branch 'mar-ia/style'
     new 206d631  Fix github repo name
     new ab4fc45  Don't guess version from git
     new 3096413  Add license header
     new 27cc733  Adjust document ids in queries to match listings
     new 51f6459  Integrate with Travis CI
     new b58985a  Import basic sphinx theme
     new 4311449  Move rtd.css to theme static directory
     new f318219  Run simple linter with make check
     new 921f0d2  Make linter happy
     new 1c4a6b9  Notify #couchdb-ci on build failure
     new 2223f52  Simple grammar fixes to protocol.rst
     new 10828f8  make builds idempotent
     new 13b0e90  Simple grammar fixes to protocol.rst
     new b2f6db4  Merge remote-tracking branch 'yaronyg/master'
     new c883f53  Fix build
     new 5645f34  Add stub for release and upgrade notes for 2.0
     new 51fccc8  A base to build on for 2.0
     new ce01699  fix typo, we mean the language here
     new b0408b4  fix typo
     new be1872c  remove curious character that broke the pdflatex build
     new 83d4d35  Remove false notice about default view values in ddoc "options" field
     new 6ea480d  Clarify provides() usage in _list function
     new 51a9bb0  it's 'names' not 'users' and 'members' not 'readers'
     new d1a8820  describe {disk,data}_size better
     new ff3165a  document /_memberships
     new 18bd16a  Fix long line
     new 7fcef32  Document modifying triggered replication documents
     new b7efaa3  Remove travis notification
     new 2008f90  note link between startkey and startkey_docid
     new 13e9832  Document CSRF protection
     new d5f3abb  Fix accidental split of CORS configuration
     new 18cc926  Clarify that only write requests are affected by CSRF protection
     new 87b56da  Fix typos, spelling and grammatical errors.
     new 04709a7  Consistent capitalization of 'JavaScript'
     new f43db99  Grammar clarification about the purpose of reduce functions
     new e2135d2  Replace read time checks with run time ones
     new fef8f92  Revert idempotent builds
     new ddf2481  Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/27'
     new 3074cd1  document CSRF mime type parameter
     new 9241367  Clarify the CSRF does not apply to XHR requests
     new a3101e9  Remove new CSRF mechanism
     new e31ad61  Fix bashism in Makefile
     new 57a65ef  Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/34'
     new c6bdee2  Add documentation for couch_peruser
     new 8f9f149  os_process_timeout value measured in milliseconds
     new 6cbb651  Correct the couch_httpd_auth/secret description
     new 1ec641f  Fix tabs
     new 770c4f4  Fix Show/Edit on GitHub links
     new 901f2f9  Fix for COUCHDB-2578
     new 09632ea  Remove lingering header for now-obsolete CSRF mechanism
     new 92cb6bf  COUCHDB-2874: Docs for JS rewrites
     new a514a2b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/36'
     new d67c8fb  To automatically generate the _id should be omitted
     new 6b8e1d0  about: override sphinx default lexer
     new 1b9ddfc  Temporary pin sphinx version to 1.3.4
     new 7854c12  ignore build directory instead of _build
     new bbc4b71  suppress verbose LaTeX output
     new ec3cc22  Remove configurable replicator db name functionality
     new 089f404      Merge remote branch 'github/pr/41'
     new b1bfde4  Fixed typo
     new 43da122  Heartbeat applies to eventsource feed as well.
     new 3d620de  fix grammar/errors & improve wording
     new b030820  Fix typo in "Removing a node"
     new 93cc933  Ignore Python3 __pycache__ dir
     new adc6f5d  Fix typo in query-server/javascript
     new c7cd09f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/50'
     new 5df86cc  Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/49'
     new b713c74  Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/46'
     new 7ec85ca  Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/44'
     new 2dda387  Document maintenance mode (closes COUCHDB-2925)
     new eab768d  Fix Windows documentation build
     new ddc221f  COUCHDB-3068 Doc fixes required for Sphinx 1.4
     new dd59192  COUCHDB-3068 Use local http lexer because Sphinx doesn't like COPY
     new f6650a5  Fix typo
     new 44b6b87  Format compaction examples as code-blocks for auto line breaks
     new 59edec5  Unpin Sphinx version
     new db67559  Use the proper location for `require` example
     new 1f6633f  Importing troubleshooting guide; remove wiki ref
     new 9772db0  fix: whats new links on index page
     new eb4eab6  feat: new logo for 2.0.0 docs
     new 1e5b636  Add cluster placement reference info
     new 1c7e521  Add top-level link to clustering feature
     new 8a2993c  Add documentation for _find and _index
     new 4c0a3fa  Merge branch 'find' of
     new 84d5f4d  Top-level link to Mango documentation
     new 9e03e23  Fixing make check warnings
     new 2614cfd  Rework view/query main section headings
     new 162b7a0  update _changes API documentation for 2.0
     new 6c7ba78  Update document API to remove number from update sequence
     new c406ac7  Explain the new_edits=false option when PUTing a document
     new 0d061d0  Index specification for _find is not necessarily a string
     new 57741f6  Merge remote-tracking branch 'sam/document-common'
     new b986a3b  document sending multiple queries to views
     new 5cb7866  document sorted parameter for view queries
     new 968b874  Merge remote-tracking branch 'sam/database-find'
     new d0c36a7  remove references to temporary views
     new 669a7d3  Port INSTALL.UNIX changes over from main repo
     new f9e06ed  fix syntax and linter errors
     new d40dcf1  More Mac OS X install updates
     new cb04aeb  Update What's New for 2.0
     new f0a5605  fix build
     new bc4bd9c  fix inter-doc link
     new 115e3ce  linter errors
     new ab57e34  remove references to all_or_nothing
     new 7e7dcd2  Call out Mango selectors in 2.0 WhatsNew
     new 3804d19  Fix formatting in WhatsNew doc
     new b427c8b  Add known issues for 2.0 release
     new c4e7cd9  Futon -> Fauxton; remove Windows build instructions
     new 122a25e  linter cleanup
     new f36a82a  remove link to Futon from front page
     new ff409d7  Remove row-spanning in _find documentation
     new 68a8798  Merge branch 'row_spanning' of
     new ee2b22d  features before upgrade notes
     new b473da8  feat(whatsnew): expand mango entry
     new babcd44  fix: move update_seq change to upgrade notes
     new df8a655  feat: extend new endpoints, add unix to build system rewrite
     new 4c58b5c  feat: add note about ./configure missing options and no make install
     new 242e4f2  feat: add link to cluster ref from install guides
     new 0f3512b  feat: add single-node and cluster setup notes
     new 9397537  linter fix
     new a7b3d28  fix formatter
     new a135f2f  fix build
     new 5a5ad39  Document users_db_suffix
     new dab0d9e  Remove authentication_db and add users_db_suffix
     new da58524  Merge remote branch 'cloudant:document-users_db_suffix'
     new bb6eac7  add _cluster_setup documentation
     new c6ef05e  shorten line endings
     new 77e679c  Various improvements of "Installation on Unix-like systems" article
     new cd866be  fix build
     new a1dd4fc  fix cluster link
     new 8f9d40a  Fix some typos and style in intro and replication chapter
     new 0273152  Minor grammar fix, git → Git
     new 8898e51  Add an example of configuring runit to "Installation on Unix-like systems" article
     new d0b3f59  Set home directory for couchdb user correctly
     new 2cec875  Update max_document_size description with correct semantics
     new d306d18  Fix an asterisk escape in unix install
     new 5492d00  Describe use of '_selector' option for filter.
     new ab7486a  Fix PouchDB replication source code link
     new e1d3e4f  Added location of default.ini and local.ini for macOS packaged version.
     new b7dbecd  Fix whitespace in config file paths
     new 8de8651  welcome
     new b4e40bf  Add compiler flag documentation
     new 7b81ed1  Formatting
     new aa3b3ac  Couch is really CouchDB
     new 82297c4  Remove empty line from end of file
     new f9697b1  fix trailing whitespace
     new 5181619  welcome
     new 21c0d81  fix trailing whitespace
     new 34984e8  fix port number
     new 91f7ea1  Update unix.rst
     new b5725e4  Merge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master'
     new 2e7b4c7  fix curl.rst
     new e97a665  fix api.rst
     new c92f59c  Add material describing selector objects as part of a replication document.
     new 2d44815  Merge branch 'pr/82'
     new b3e661b  Correct stylistic errors.
     new 1957f02  Merge branch 'pr/83'
     new e883c89  Fix os_process_limit documentation
     new 4fe6d96  Change os_process_limit default to 100
     new 52a2879  Add os_process_soft_limit section
     new 2993ccb  Spelling error fix: fauxuton to fauxton
     new 74da74b  Fixed the transposition of the version or erlang
     new 4810d1c  More command cleanup
     new 77b5d1d  Tiny 127 address fix
     new c58e360  Fixing type error
     new fec0893  Document stable and update query parameters
     new 59a887a  Fix Fauxton docs
     new 78ad53d  Update python versions to 2.7/3.4, Replace latex_paper_size
     new fb552b8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/97'
     new c851dce  Inline comments: Improve phrasing
     new 72cc8cd  Merge branch pr/96
     new f8669f6  install/index.rst: More details on Single-Node-Setup
     new d394b58  Merge pr/94
     new d7c7abd  _db_updates heartbeat option is a number
     new 83caf89  Merge pr/93
     new c539140  Fix typo
     new e18200f  What other hand? There was no "first" hand.
     new 28b84c8  Capitalize IP as everywhere else
     new 54e5a46  Merge branch 'pr/100'
     new 8ab379f  Add documentation for the `$allMatch` selector
     new fb6e897  Fix typo in `$all` and `$elemMatch` selector doc
     new d57d218  Merge branch 'pr/101'
     new 5a83d74  Fix documentation contribution guidelines
     new fbbc40f  Merge branch 'pr/99'
     new 6edb6ea  Fix Shard documentation: typos, minor clarification on ASCII codes
     new b9a6329  Fix wording & make ines < 80 chars long
     new a05f028  Merge branch 'pr/102'
     new 5ea7110  Grammar and an inaccuracy.
     new 48f9e95  Fix line length to make check passes
     new b22d319  Merge branch 'pr/95'
     new 875d45d  Add missing dependency for basic build.
     new b6cd0ad  gcc-c++ required for Jiffy
     new c819545  Add erlang-reltool dependency to RHEL/CentOS with warning.
     new 9523942  Remove extra empty line to pass make check
     new 3f7ee18  Merge branch 'pr/98'
     new 93d2f6d  Grammar improvements
     new f8f7f47  Remove redundancy
     new 5134e9c  Fix the config option name and descriptions
     new 5b7d057  Fix description of delayed_commits
     new 90050a6  Shorten line to make linter happy
     new 3a2eadb  Merge branch 'pr/104'
     new 6d3f68d  clarify $db/_security section
     new f558ec2  Indent shell line so it renderes correctly
     new 96ccc37  Merge branch 'pr/91'
     new 83bd3f8  Add documentation for the new `max_http_request_size` parameter
     new 17b722e  Merge branch 'update-max-http-request-size'
     new 6839d5e  DELETE /_session never returns 401
     new 6dc0bc1  Expand documentation for DELETE /_session
     new daa572d  Merge pull request #107 from flimzy/deletesession
     new 0ecca85  Clarify use of 'rev' query parameter in document PUT
     new 733a0ef  Update references to `update_seq` to no longer claim it's always a number.
     new afcb3a2  Update description of GET /{db}/ response fields
     new bcfc616  Document the log.writer option
     new adefaac  Fix a typo in the markup
     new 33ae9ad  Update logging references in _config section
     new 0e7a95e  Add additional logging levels
     new 91e81ef  Expand logging config documentation to include writer-specific parameters.
     new c467369  Fix typo in option
     new c7f8645  Render new options with more emphasis
     new 103da04  Update _config endpoint documentation to reflect new location
     new dcf2d3c  Update config examples and other references
     new 244c7d4  Mention /_config move in Whatsnew document
     new f87f9e2  Remove /_log references from the documentation.
     new 676251c  Flesh out the documentation for POST /{db}/_all_docs
     new 5ed7187  Correct response code from /_uuids
     new d57f776  Bring back the correct implementation of max_document_size
     new 3f663f6  Update _db_updates documentation for CouchDB 2.0.0
     new 2474c99  Remove pdf and info builds from default target
     new 16e75c5  Clarify download link is for docs only
     new 67139cc  Document deletion approach when using filtered replication
     new a03c347  Merge pull request #116 from apache/3329-kill-pdf-texinfo
     new 6759f1a  Merge pull request #115 from flimzy/dbupdates
     new 91d4405  no, you can't use emit() in a list function.
     new 98068a8  Merge pull request #20 from BigBlueHat/explain-provides
     new 2a2f88a  Merge pull request #54 from shimaore/patch-1
     new 3b15a7c  Really minor changes, to improve the English
     new d407ea0  Remove references to all_or_nothing for _bulk_docs
     new 8586c70  Update docs for PUT attachments
     new bccd745  Patching over additions from original Mango docs PR
     new 49eea03  Merge pull request #122 from lornajane/mango-additions
     new 61dfa53  Update documentation for require_valid_user
     new 66633fa  Merge pull request #127 from apache/COUCHDB-3100
     new 1cb0e35  Update description and examples for _replication_state_time
     new 661a7cb  Update changes feed documentation
     new ba51d5e  Add links to the detailed feed mode descriptions.
     new fc11bf1  Update all references to instance_start_time
     new 8f0c98a  Fix Ubuntu 14.04 build
     new 7705a56  Documention for the scheduling replicator
     new 3b4e1ba  Update docs related to _scheduler/docs/{db}/{docid} endpoint
     new 18c11f4  Add/update contribution guidelines, issue/PR templates for GH Issues
     new f875e17  Update documentation to point to GitHub issues for new issues
     new b8ba263  Correcting `meta` parameter documentation
     new cdf1c98  Document 'filter' field for _replicate endpoint.
     new bee20af  Document new couchup utility, improve installation documentation
     new e274cea  Update backwards compatibility change in 2.0 c.f. #559
     new d781274  Trivial change to trigger readthedocs integration
     new b07e3a6  version bump
     new b49c035  fix very bad typo on node-local port
     new b78aa0a  Update mango docs (#137)
     new 3789a6a  add X-Frame-Options header documentation (#138)
     new 4670c71  couchapps -> ddocs
     new 648cb0e  Add
     new e828c5d  Make clear _global_changes DB is optional
     new d672772  Remove OAuth documentation
     new 5582d0d  Update confusing note on dd copy operation
     new 5cc5b0d  Remove trailing whitespaces
     new 138e022  feat: document stable/update/stale options for _find
     new 83439a2  Merge pull request #145 from apache/628-stable-update-stale-mango
     new 6d6dc64  fix: node doc delete missing ?rev
     new 103a603  remove 'Per module logging' as the feature is gone in 2.0
     new caf47d4  Merge pull request #147 from apache/remove_per_module_logging
     new ad906f5  Merge pull request #144 from calonso/patch-1
     new 18801c0  Merge pull request #146 from apache/fix/cluster-node-delete
     new 217c202  remove blank line at end
     new b772caa  POST /dbname should not return ETag response header (#139)
     new 008d200  Update 2.1 What's New document (#150)
     new a799648  Update sharding.rst (#151)
     new 9b8cb40  Find API uses JSON body, not query parameters (#148)
     new 6c18485  Advertise convenience binaries for installation (#153)
     new bc7f0a1  Update for ini file handling under 2.x (#152)
     new 5513b24  Transition to sphinx_rtd_theme (#154)
     new a4e79a9  Lighten text in logo
     new 9a841f8  Add Debian repo signing info
     new 93fa01c  Fix bad formatting in release notes
     new c328db9  Format 'add_fun' as command, not sub-command
     new 8e1c399  Fully document _cluster_setup endpoint for 2.1
     new adc6038  Update how-to-build info
     new 00fe652  add prefer: return=minimal documentation (#157)
     new f7840d7  add docs around pagination (#158)
     new ad5d1dc  Clarify and expand on GET /_session response
     new ff0bed3  Rewrite much of the Query Server documentation for clarity.
     new 1ef1f1b  Merge pull request #159 from flimzy/authclarify
     new 53ee79d  Merge pull request #156 from flimzy/qsaf
     new 107247a  API documentation for mango execution stats (#160)
     new fe942fb  add documentation for partial indexes (#163)
     new 4d208a7  Update info on cluster configuration
     new ec3efe7  Updated documentation for new replicator retries_per_request value
     new 6f89e9f  Fix typo in config/replicator.rst
     new a9a4988  Update description of a database info reply (#168)
     new 9f8cd38  Improve docs on increasing max file handle limits
     new 6cd1044  httpd->chttpd for 2.x proxy auth and SSL support
     new c445005  compacter is enabled by default.
     new 3c5a535  Spelling correction
     new caeab94  Fields is an array, not an object
     new 350ea62  Merge pull request #172 from apache/explain
     new 35a4f9f  Improve docs on bumping fd limits
     new 7b87d3e  Document cluster config settings
     new aacbf23  Fix typo
     new 5d3ba58  Add 2.1.1 release notes
     new 5befd0d  Minor changes (#179)
     new 062dd37  Document that a 413 status may be returned.
     new d81c7a0  Fix a couple typos, and add links
     new 00a55d4  Merge pull request #180 from apache/status413
     new 982045d  Remove obsolete OAuth reference
     new f211f8b  Merge pull request #183 from apache/oauthref
     new 54b7880  Spelling corrections and formatting improvements (#184)
     new 6d4776f  Update Whatsnew docs to accurately reflect config changes. (#182)
     new ae1fa11  Remove mention of Content-MD5 header, which isn't present
     new f690c93  Update the PUT {attachment} docs to reflect observed behavior.
     new 9107247  Make "copy to existing document" capabilities more explicit. (#187)
     new f3ebc4d  Grammar correction
     new 6a18b94  500 shouldn't happen any more
     new 2a4e77b  Merge pull request #190 from apache/typo
     new 12b7302  Merge branch 'master' into putAttWithoutRev
     new c9f0ac4  Merge pull request #189 from apache/putAttWithoutRev
     new d25b09f  Merge branch 'master' into contentMD5
     new 95b1948  Merge pull request #188 from apache/contentMD5
     new f26fcfd  Corrected documentation to fix
     new 999ca00  Merge pull request #191 from ElmoVanKielmo/couchdb-issues/926
     new 279d117  Clean up wording in "Add, then delete" section (#192)
     new d894567  Updates for 2.1.1-RC2 (#193)
     new 48ff1ed  Clarify chttpd vs. httpd for bind_address/port (#195)
     new 8058194  Update performance.rst (#198)
     new 9e96937  Correct RHEL instructions, fixes apache/couchdb#956 (#196)
     new c421f1a  Clarify change to default node name in 2.1.1 (#199)
     new b276a36  Further clarify vm.args change (#200)
     new 836ddf0  Advertise stretch packages (#202)
     new fb18584  add CVEs 2017-12635 and 2017-12636
     new 78220f9  port 1.7 release notes
     new 3f677fd  link CVEs in release notes
     new 6f87084  lint
     new f85b342  Merge pull request #205 from apache/2017-CVEs
     new dd7a311  Fix CVE link (#206)
     new 125721f  Mention _config/_local in docs (#208)
     new 7f8c3ab  Document the 'info' field of the scheduler doc (#204)
     new bdfa864  Update _all_docs documentation (#203)
     new b6b979d  Minor formatting improvement (#212)
     new 322eec4  Better documentation for 'batch mode' (#211)
     new a850194  Mention the bookmark field in the results (#209)
     new e8f06ef  304 doesn't make sense for HEAD/GET (#213)
     new 8390fa8  Mention X-Couch-Full-Commit header for PUT ..{att} endpoint (#210)
     new fdbf1a5  Update multipart/* docs (#214)
     new 42a6a88  Use standard names for HTTP statuses 405 and 415 (#217)
     new 60b8831  Re-write the bulk doc transaction description to reflect a single mode (#216)
     new 2742d1e  Mention that attachments aren't included in doc size limit (#218)
     new eeec269  Use the correct module for cookie and default auth
     new 673f06f  Merge pull request #220 from apache/fix-auth-handler-config
     new 27ae432  Fix broken link in Generate Replication ID section (#222)
     new 6a774c1  Fix two broken links in javascript.rst and collation.rst (#224)
     new 8412a7d  add issue #979 to known issues in documentation
     new a6b607a  fix `make check` issues
     new be38fa3  fix typo
     new 9b5c540  Document changes to the `couchdb` start script (#227)
     new 5aed5cd  added header info to replication api
     new 7726a0e  Merge pull request #238 from drunksaint/master
     new ac51987  fixed source and target database instructions in the replication api
     new 4144b3d  Merge pull request #239 from drunksaint/master
     new e618ce3  fix(typo): fix a typo in setup.rst (#240)
     new 67963a3  Grammar corrections (#247)
     new c17cbc1  'fixed-248'
     new 92b1385  Use the correct node-local port (#251)
     new a089a6b  Added information, how to increase connection limit (#250)
     new efc8e53  Remove mention of Fauxton on port 5986
     new 4eabf79  Suggested edit to make clear what a quorum actually represents. (#252)
     new d04c9cd  Document new endpoint _design_docs   This endpoint allows to return a JSON structure of all of the design   documents in a given database.
     new 8a19e93  Grammar and formatting fixes (#254)
     new 3abf463  Replication plugin and session support
     new 2bf6f7a  Document changed /_restart behaviour
     new 07f02a8  Document /_up endpoint
     new 60387f3  Fix whitespace in bulleted lists
     new 77245a6  Add 2.2.x 'What's New' template
     new 24e242b  Document _local_docs endpoint
     new 87a4f3f  Document seq_interval parameter (#261)
     new 4cdf8d3  Add description about new endpoint _dbs_info
     new b3db026  Merge pull request #243 from cloudant/issue-1082-dbs-info
     new 7a077e0  Fix _local_docs examples and remove ETAG reference
     new a32f208  Merge pull request #262 from jjrodrig/fix-local-docs-examples
     new e4e0fba  Add statement for multiple queries for _all_docs etc
     new ec608bf  Merge pull request #241 from cloudant/issue-820-add-queries-for_all_docs
     new 40bae3a  Fix _cluster_setup api | couchdb node name changes | verify cluster setup   (#219)
     new 02903bb  Add the POST _bulk_get endpoint (#263)
     new aca0d9f  Improve instructions on upgrading to latest CouchDB releases
     new fe8e4f3  debug level does not log HTTP requests anymore
     new c1208b2  Merge pull request #265 from apache/debug-docs
     new 4d85f4d  Add best practices sec, migrate "Working_with_Forms"
     new 560fe00  Start JS development tips doc
     new a1b2fcd  Merge pull request #266 from apache/migrate-working-with-forms
     new 482f6d3  revisit sharding documentation
     new c639136  Port wiki page "Why are all Views in a single Index
     new d6db5c4  typo
     new b62a1ca  Merge pull request #267 from apache/one-ddoc-many-views
     new 7d47a61  indices => indexes for consistency (#269)
     new 401c243  Update _stats and _system sections
     new 912b9e7  Merge pull request #270 from apache/235-stats
     new 4389cf5  Bump curl earlier in intro, fix for Windows
     new 68ba895  Add nginx docs
     new 50283b4  respond to feedback
     new 8c9b4d3  Callout the 4GB -> 64MB limit change (#274)
     new c04f34d  remove mentions on external process shenanigans
     new a207f9c  Migrate some FAQ material to the Best Practices documentation (#277)
     new 900cbce  Fix sphinx 1.7.5 build
     new b99ccc9  Expand the existing docs on builtin reducers
     new ddaa81d  Document the _approx_count_distinct builtin
     new d5fdc23  Merge branch 'master' of git:// into update-sharding-docs
     new 64b39a5  document couchdb/default_security
     new b28d942  Merge pull request #281 from garbados/default-security
     new 7aff1f4  replication does not do sub-document updating
     new eb4e71a  Merge pull request #283 from apache/no-subdoc-update
     new ebeae55  Drop unsupported node query server, plugins from 2.x
     new 7f35921  docs: add CVE-2018-8007 to 1.7.x and 2.1.x release notes
     new 092012f  fix the build
     new 9c7aac1  bump version
     new 5c7a193  fix: proxy auth clarification
     new 9d5f0ee  Merge branch 'master' into update-notifications-lol
     new b1bedc4  Merge pull request #276 from apache/update-notifications-lol
     new 2630573  Merge branch 'master' into fix/proxyauth
     new 1014ee9  Merge pull request #291 from apache/fix/proxyauth
     new 35f460c  fix proxy auth docs, goes with
     new 4baf07d  Merge pull request #293 from apache/fix/proxox
     new 2214469  Add troubleshooting information for FIPS mode and workaround (#1171)
     new 478c529  Fix trailing whitespace
     new fcf49a7  Fix typo
     new d1595c4  Fix line length and phrasing
     new 39c7768  update sharding documentation for clarity, detail
     new 06febc2  Merge branch 'master' into update-sharding-docs
     new 6c30fec  respond to feedback
     new 9df7f2c  Merge branch 'update-sharding-docs' of into update-sharding-docs
     new 211e71b  Configure cluster Erlang port range using vm.args
     new 8efd613  Merge branch 'master' into update-sharding-docs
     new 59d5c25  put 2.x-relevant documentation before 1.x-relevant documentation
     new e92dea6  feat: remove proxy docs, as they don’t work in 2.x
     new 096697d  Merge pull request #299 from apache/fix/prox
     new aefe3e2  Merge branch 'master' into fix/swap-1-2
     new 0da525d  Merge pull request #298 from apache/fix/swap-1-2
     new bad9ec1  respond to additional feedback
     new dd897c3  Merge branch 'update-sharding-docs' of into update-sharding-docs
     new beb0a6b  add description of how quorum sizes are calculated
     new b2d1a9a  fix linter
     new cae572d  Merge branch 'master' into update-sharding-docs
     new 1f30e16  lint and ref and multiline labels
     new c87092f  Merge pull request #268 from garbados/update-sharding-docs
     new b28a8ca  2.2.0 release notes, increase max line length to 90 (#300)
     new 959ac3d  2.2 release notes spelling error (#301)
     new a17ea44  Update 2.2.rst (#302)
     new b7b1f24  Document update_notification removal (#304)
     new ccbdaca  document bionic availability
     new 6b15daa  Merge pull request #305 from apache/bionic
     new 8285a8b  closes #303, set perms correctly
     new 01edfd3  Remove  operator from CouchDB base documentation
     new 704c292  Rewrite cleanup
     new 8988c40  Changes to match apache/couchdb#1411
     new f6c0a02  Fix apache/couchdb#1485
     new eddb077  Disclose CVE 2018-11769
     new e07be92  Add info on JS transpiling with link to Babel's in-browser repl-editor
     new 7027ee7  Fix version for rewrites as a function (#314)
     new 1b9f062  Improve documentation on repl connection_timeout setting (#316)
     new ad92f4a  Add Caddy Server reverse-proxy config examples incl. cluster load balancing (#318)
     new 372cdb6  Document 'POST /_node/{node-name}/_restart'
     new 3382fbc  Remove documentation for removed node local _restart API
     new 77ffbae  Merge pull request #311 from cloudant/node-restart
     new cd0db0a  Documentation on clustered purge
     new 95efadb  Merge pull request #285 from cloudant/COUCHDB-3326-clustered-purge
     new 2699011  feed->timeout bug, closes apache/couchdb#1592 (#322)
     new 420dc08  Fixed typo in vm.args example (#324)
     new 97de38e  To document the availability of ?n=* in PUT /{db}
     new 0d0ba69  Update attachments.rst
     new f72a4fa  added missing semicolon in code example list
     new 57a6bcd  Fix `make check` failure in api/database/common.rst
     new 938a8e4  Fix ambiguity in documentation on shards and replicas (#338)
     new 3178282  Add a paragraph about tuning couchjs (#340)
     new 51a1ce0  Split of Firewall and Erlang Configuration (#326)
     new 5fe62f7  Trying to improve the replication scheduler configuration parameters (fixes apache/couchdb#344) (#345)
     new 31dac02  Fix typo in Unix-like systems installation documentation (#347)
     new 063c30b  Document the new seedlist config setting
     new 10aacbf  Update purging.rst (#323)
     new f769cf8  Clarify use of relevant [admins] section (#282)
     new 609fcb4  Remove broken links to (#352)
     new df3934a  Add 2.3.x release notes (#353)
     new e432c39  fix: remove trailing whitespace (#355)
     new 03c2941  Fix RST syntax errors (#354)
     new 9ca36b5  Improve clustered purge documentation
     new 9015f03  Merge pull request #348 from apache/COUCHDB-3326-clustered-purge-impr
     new 0828bc5  Improve CouchDB setup documentation, esp. for clustering
     new 8f81d08  Merge pull request #356 from apache/improve-setup-docs
     new 3663001  feat: update docs for new query server config
     new 8c2e35e  Merge pull request #328 from apache/fix/conf
     new 6a29484  More information about replication. Fixes #346 (#349)
     new b41303a  Startup script uses COUCHDB_ARGS_FILE for vm.args path (#358)
     new 9b27869  Update responses and UI copy in Getting Started Guide (#335)
     new f2f3146  Add new return codes for database creation/deletion (#360)
     new b4badd2  Python formatting fixes from black
     new c75b233  dangling fix for python-black compat
     new 99645c7  Update 2.3 release notes
     new 5d929a8  old favicon still turns up in local/offline docs
     new cc9feb1  Change type of purge_seq from number to string
     new 9b0fb0d  Add some query params to the GET /_all_dbs endpoint
     new ade3148  feat: CVE 2018-17188
     new 639c816  Merge pull request #367 from apache/cve-2018-17188
     new f3e1ce4  Migrate stats aggregation howto from MoinMoin
     new 4f24edf  Migrating 'How to design for replication' from MoinMoin
     new 2038bb6  Migrating view change live deployment from MoinMoin
     new 9e26cad  Migrating 'Adding client-side security' doc from MoinMoin
     new d75baf8  Add backup information, port from MoinMoin wiki
     new d116967  Migration of MoinMoin ISO date content
     new 1d9ce5c  More how tos (#371)
     new 3aa2737  Last wiki migrations; rework of TOC & headers (#372)
     new 8655ee6  Fix block formatting for mm docs (#373)
     new 2d6c5c0  Improve node naming docs for cluster setup (#377)
     new 2a7418c  Improve placement docs, closes #374 (#376)
     new ef0b759  Update Bulk Get response to be valid

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