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Subject [couchdb-documentation] 01/01: Merge branch '2.2.0-release-notes' of into 2.2.0-release-notes
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2018 07:42:09 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

wohali pushed a commit to branch 2.2.0-release-notes
in repository

commit 06ee1b744a5bf4101ee117581f5f020791b65a5f
Merge: 5d583ad f628731
Author: Joan Touzet <>
AuthorDate: Mon Jul 23 20:13:45 2018 -0400

    Merge branch '2.2.0-release-notes' of
into 2.2.0-release-notes

 src/whatsnew/2.2.rst | 30 +++++++++++++++++++-----------
 1 file changed, 19 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)

diff --cc src/whatsnew/2.2.rst
index 9b8931c,9b8931c..3eea357
--- a/src/whatsnew/2.2.rst
+++ b/src/whatsnew/2.2.rst
@@@ -27,18 -27,18 +27,26 @@@ Upgrade Note
  .. rst-class:: open
--* TODO WORDING: Recommend increasing PBKDF2 / bcrypt work factor and auth_plugins to
--  couch_replicator_auth_session,couch_replicator_auth_noop. Do not do this, if an older

--  version of CouchDB is replicating TO this instance/cluster. Replicating FROM older 
--  versions is fine. A future version will make this a default.
++* The CouchDB replication client can now use the ``/_session`` endpoint when
++  authenticating against remove CouchDB instances, improving performance since
++  re-authorization does not have to be performed with every request. Because of
++  this performance improvement, it is recommended to increase the PBKDF2 work
++  factor beyond the default ``10`` to a modern default such as ``10000``. This is done
++  via the local ini file setting ``[couch_httpd_auth] iterations = 10000``.
++  Do **not** do this if an older version of CouchDB is replicating TO this instance or
++  cluster regularly, since CouchDB < 2.2.0 must perform authentication on every request
++  and replication performance will suffer.
++  A future version will make this increased number of iterations a default.
  * :ghissue:`820`, :ghissue:`1032`: Multiple queries can now be made at the
    ``POST /{db}/_all_docs/queries``, ``POST /{db}/_design_docs/queries`` and
    ``POST /{db}/_local_docs/queries`` endpoints. Also, a new endpoint
    ``POST /{db}/_design/{ddoc}/_view/{view}/queries`` has been introduced to replace
    the ``?queries`` parameter formerly provided for making multiple queries to a view.
--  The old ``?queries`` parameter *is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release
--  of CouchDB.*
++  The old ``?queries`` parameter *is now deprecated and will be removed in a future
++  release of CouchDB.*
  * The maximum http request limit, which had been lowered in 2.1.0, has been re-raised
    to a 4GB limit for now. (:ghissue:`1446`). Ongoing discussion about the path forward
@@@ -50,7 -50,7 +58,6 @@@
    regularly act as replication clients to use this new feature, which is enabled by
    default (:ghissue:`1462`).
  Version 2.2.0
@@@ -61,12 -61,12 +68,14 @@@ Feature
  * Much improved documentation. Highlights include:
--  * TODO: LINK Database sharding/clustering: complete rewrite
++  * A complete rewrite of the :ref:`sharding <cluster/sharding>` documentation.
    * Developer installation notes (``INSTALL.*.rst``)
++  * Much of the content of the original CouchDB wiki has been imported into the
++    official docs. (The old CouchDB wiki is in the process of being deprecated.)
  * Much improved Fauxton functionality. Highlights include:
--  *
++  * TODO Fauxton improvement list
  * :ghissue:`496`, :issue:`3287`: New pluggable storage engine framework has landed in
    CouchDB. This internal refactor makes it possible for CouchDB to use different backends
@@@ -95,7 -95,7 +104,7 @@@
      tandem, the replicator http client correctly closes its own socket after processing
      any 413 response. (:ghissue:`1234`)
--* TODO LINK :ghissue:`822`: A new ``POST /_dbs_info`` endpoint has been added to return
++* :ghissue:`822`: A new end point :ref:`api/server/dbs_info` has been added to return
    information about a list of specified databases. This endpoint can take the place of
    multiple queries to ``/{db}``.
  * :ghissue:`875`, :ghissue:`1030`: ``couch_peruser`` installations can now specify a
@@@ -177,7 -177,7 +186,6 @@@ Mang
  * Multiple fixes related to using Mango as a front-end for full text indexing (a feature
    not shipped with couch, but for which support is in place as a compile-time addon).

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