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Subject [50/50] rebar commit: updated refs/heads/import to 5dea85d
Date Wed, 23 Sep 2015 12:29:44 GMT
bump to 2.6.0


Branch: refs/heads/import
Commit: 5dea85db1b697466586877bed133748bd80fa180
Parents: e568e32
Author: Fred Hebert <>
Authored: Fri Jun 19 12:14:28 2015 -0400
Committer: Fred Hebert <>
Committed: Fri Jun 19 12:14:28 2015 -0400

---------------------------------------------------------------------- | 87 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 ebin/   |  2 +-
 2 files changed, 88 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
diff --git a/ b/
index b0037b9..aa69555 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -1,3 +1,90 @@
+# 2.6.0
+* rebar/203: [Pluggable proto compilers gpb](
+* rebar/273: [Use target_dir as source of new version in generate-appups](
+* rebar/293: [Check C source dependencies in needs_compile](
+* rebar/305: [Fix compiler invocation on multiarch Linux](
+* rebar/322: [Treat vsn mismatch as warning if -k/--keep-going](
+* rebar/336: [Add details on Dialyzer with "make check"](
+* rebar/337: [Implement eflame -p/--profile support](
+* rebar/338: [Processing .app.src.script expects a single value to be returned.](
+* rebar/344: [Manually clean up paths.](
+* rebar/351: [fish shell completions for rebar](
+* rebar/352: [Add typer target (rebase of #309)](
+* rebar/354: [compiler respects 'keep_going' flag](
+* rebar/355: [Fix 'make build_plt'](
+* rebar/356: [Fix minor typo in](
+* rebar/360: [Minor follow-up fixes for #293](
+* rebar/368: [Escape more characters in path (fix #367)](
+* rebar/371: [Fix cover print truncation when coverage is 100%](
+* rebar/372: [Implement eval command via nodetool](
+* rebar/376: [Remove check adding ebin to path for edoc target](
+* rebar/378: [deps: fix delete-deps if deps_dir ends with dot](
+* rebar/382: [Adapt dialyzer_reference to ba466e2d changes](
+* rebar/385: [Fix Dialyzer warning introduced in 0caf047f](
+* rebar/386: [Recompile .proto files with gpb also with prefix/suffix](
+* rebar/386: [Recompile .proto files with gpb also with prefix/suffix](
+* rebar/386: [Recompile .proto files with gpb also with prefix/suffix](
+* rebar/399: [Increase the timeout for the inttest/proto_gpb](
+* rebar/400: [add Emacs/vi header to non-dummy test modules](
+* rebar/403: [Update reference to installation notes](
+* rebar/404: [Consistently format export attributes](
+* rebar/405: [Generate cachegrind file if erlgrind is available](
+* rebar/406: [Fix deps path check in rebar_ct:collect_glob/3](
+* rebar/408: [Fix/remove duplicate console message](
+* rebar/411: [Fix app.config argument passing when using ct_run (take 2)](
+* rebar/413: [Revert "Merge pull request #386 ... gpb-recompilation...detection"](
+* rebar/418: [Fix #415 (reltool vsn check)](
+* rebar/420: [Mock gpb and protobuffs, in inttest, replacing external dependencies](
+* rebar/421: [inttest/ct3: fix travis-ci breakage](
+* rebar/424: [Gpb recompilation detection (using base compiler)](
+* rebar/425: [Copy instead of rsync gpb and protobuffs inttest mocks](
+* rebar/426: [Fixed #133. Release upgrade now handle long and short names properly.](
+* rebar/428: [Remove a git url in gpb and protobuffs inttest configs](
+* rebar/430: [Exit with proper status code if 'eval' fails](
+* rebar/432: [Document recursive_cmds in -r help string as well](
+* rebar/433: [inttest/ct3: fix overlong line](
+* rebar/437: [Fix .app.src.script bug introduced in b44b4f4](
+* rebar/440: [Delete obsolete file](
+* rebar/442: [.travis.yml: print information before running script](
+* rebar/444: [Fix incorrect "not an app dir" warning](
+* rebar/445: [rebar doesn't respect the order of erl_first_files given in the rebar.conf
+* rebar/447: [Support custom protobuf directory](
+* rebar/449: [Support .appup.src files](
+* rebar/452: [added 'shell' command to bash-completion](
+* rebar/456: [Generate json output from cover](
+* rebar/458: [Change env var delimiter to match non-word](
+* rebar/459: [Remove -m64 flag.](
+* rebar/460: [Add Dialyzer plugin](
+* rebar/461: [Fix OTP .appup.src processing on empty lists](
+* rebar/463: [Print more info when profiling](
+* rebar/466: [Improve test targets in Makefile](
+* rebar/467: [Refactor logic and optimizations in rebar_erlc_compiler:doterl_compile/4](
+* rebar/469: [Fix dialyzer warnings](
+* rebar/470: [Fix whitespace errors](
+* rebar/471: [Fix whitespace errors](
+* rebar/475: [Adapt to 18.x time api changes](
+* rebar/477: [Enable parse transformations in rebar config](
+* rebar/478: [bootstrap: better warning fix (Thanks James Fish)](
+* rebar/482: [Windows runner - CD to node root](
+* rebar/484: [/me added to THANKS](
+* rebar/485: [avoid pre-compile time errors in expand_include_lib_path](
+* rebar/487: [erlc: fix recently introduced whitespace errors](
+* rebar/489: [Fix crash on failed build console output](
+* rebar/494: [Update line number of allowed dialyzer error](
+* rebar/496: [Update PLT detail for make build_plt](
+* rebar/499: [Try one more location for the OTP_VERSION file](
+* rebar/500: [Makefile: clean only .rebar/erlcinfo](
+* rebar/502: [Don't crash if missing OTP_VERSION file (fix #350)](
+* rebar/504: [Drop `shared` PLTs support and change PLT name to <OTP-VSN>.plt](
+* rebar/505: [rebar_utils: explain pdict use](
+* rebar/508: [rebar_core: add missing newline in log msg](
+* rebar/509: [erlc: do not crash if dep file cannot be found](
+* rebar/510: [Fix 'make deps'](
+* rebar/511: [Add and use memoization server](
+* rebar/512: [rmemo: properly handle unsupported call](
 # Rebar 2.5.1
 * rebar/299: [Fix OS X resource fork handling (Reported-by: Richard O'Keefe)](
diff --git a/ebin/ b/ebin/
index 975fabc..152829d 100644
--- a/ebin/
+++ b/ebin/
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
 {application, rebar,
  [{description, "Rebar: Erlang Build Tool"},
-  {vsn, "2.5.1"},
+  {vsn, "2.6.0"},
   {modules, [ rebar,

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