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Subject [32/39] couchdb commit: updated refs/heads/Update-Sidebar-Ui to 2cf2eab
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2014 12:56:48 GMT
Updated with instructions on how to get setup with this custom Fontcustom branch.


Branch: refs/heads/Update-Sidebar-Ui
Commit: c2371f646e91fd85274833103ce3858ad9facbeb
Parents: fa94593
Author: sean barclay <>
Authored: Tue Jun 10 14:08:50 2014 -0700
Committer: sean barclay <>
Committed: Tue Jun 10 14:08:50 2014 -0700

 src/fauxton/assets/fonts/ | 112 +++-----------------------------
 1 file changed, 9 insertions(+), 103 deletions(-)
diff --git a/src/fauxton/assets/fonts/ b/src/fauxton/assets/fonts/
index 75f1acc..ebca9e1 100644
--- a/src/fauxton/assets/fonts/
+++ b/src/fauxton/assets/fonts/
@@ -1,19 +1,6 @@
 *WARNING:  this is a temporary solution for adding icons to the Icon Font. This will become
a grunt task eventually.*
-[![Gem Version](](
-[![Build Status](](
-[![Code Quality](](
-## Font Custom
-**Icon fonts from the command line.**
-Generate cross-browser icon fonts and supporting files (@font-face CSS, etc.) from a collection
of SVGs.
+This is a temp solution till Fontcustom fixes this [BUG](<br>
 ### Installation
@@ -22,99 +9,18 @@ Requires **Ruby 1.9.2+**, **FontForge** with Python scripting.
 # On Mac
 brew install fontforge eot-utils
-gem install fontcustom
-# On Linux
-sudo apt-get install fontforge
-unzip -d sfnt2woff && cd sfnt2woff && make &&
sudo mv sfnt2woff /usr/local/bin/
-gem install fontcustom
+cd [LOCAL_COUCHDB_REPO]/src/fauxton/assets/fonts
-### Quick Start
-fontcustom compile path/to/vectors  # Compiles icons into `fontcustom/`
-fontcustom watch path/to/vectors    # Compiles when vectors are changed/added/removed
-fontcustom compile                  # Uses configuration file at `fontcustom.yml`
-                                    # or `config/fontcustom.yml`
-fontcustom config                   # Generate a blank a configuration file
-fontcustom help                     # See all options
-### Configuration
-To preserve options between compiles, create a configuration file with
-`fontcustom config`. This should live in the directory where you run
-all `fontcustom` commands. Each of the following has its own command 
-line flag (`--css-selector`, etc.). Defaults values are shown.
-project_root: (pwd)                   # Context for all relative paths
-input: (project_root)                 # Where vectors and templates are located
-output: (project_root)/(font name)    # Where generated files will be saved
-config: (pwd)/fontcustom.yml          # Optional path to a configuration file
-debug: false                          # Output raw messages from fontforge
-quiet: false                          # Silence all messages except errors
-# For more control over file locations, set
-# input and output as hashes instead of strings
-  vectors: path/to/vectors            # required
-  templates: path/to/templates
-  fonts: app/assets/fonts             # required
-  css: app/assets/stylesheets
-  preview: app/views/styleguide
-font_name: fontcustom                 # Also sets the default output directory and
-                                      # the name of generated stock templates
-no_hash: false                        # Don't add asset-busting hashes to font files
-autowidth: false                      # Automatically size glyphs based on the width of
-                                      # their individual vectors
-templates: [ css, preview ]           # List of templates to generate alongside fonts
-                                      # Possible values: preview, css, scss, scss-rails
-css_selector: .icon-{{glyph}}         # CSS selector format (`{{glyph}}` is replaced)
-preprocessor_path: ""                 # Font path used in CSS proprocessor templates
-                                      # Set to "" or false to use the bare font name
-# Custom templates should live in the `input` 
-# or `input[:templates]` directory and be added
-# to `templates` as their basename:
-templates: [ preview, VectorIcons.less ]
-Custom templates have access to `@options`, `@manifest`, and the following ERB helpers:
-* `font_name` 
-* `font_face`: FontSpring's [Bulletproof @font-face syntax](
-* `glyph_selectors`: comma-separated list of all selectors
-* `glyphs`: all selectors and their codepoint assignments (`.icon-example:before { content:
"\f103"; }`)
+That should install the gem in a path like below:
-### SVG Guidelines
+Don't forget to update `fontcustom.yml` with the correct paths where it says `PUT_YOUR_PATH_HERE`.
-* All colors will be rendered identically — including white fills.
-* Make transparent colors solid. SVGs with transparency will be skipped.
-* For greater precision, prefer fills to strokes (especially if your icon includes curves).
-* Keep your icon within a square `viewBox`. Font Custom scales each SVG to fit
-  a 512x512 canvas with a baseline at 448.
-* Setting `autowidth` to true trims horizontal white space from each glyph. This can be much
-  than centering dozens of SVGs by hand.
+From there, you can run the command `fontcustom compile` to compile the svgs located in the
./icons directory into updated fauxtonicon font files. 
+For more info on Fontcustom, check out their documenation: [Fontcustom documentation](
-Brought to you by [@endtwist]( and [@ezYZ](
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