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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Couchdb Wiki] Trivial Update of "Installing_on_Ubuntu" by DaveCottlehuber
Date Mon, 04 Nov 2013 21:26:22 GMT
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The "Installing_on_Ubuntu" page has been changed by DaveCottlehuber:


  ||'''Ubuntu Release'''                                                         ||'''CouchDB
Version'''||'''Recommendation''' ||
+ || [[|Saucy 13.10]]     || CouchDB
1.4.0       || Use and Abuse       ||
- || [[|Quantal 12.10]] || CouchDB
1.2.1       || Build from Source   ||
+ || [[|Raring 13.04]]   || CouchDB
1.2.1       || Build from Source   ||
  || [[|Precise 12.04]] || CouchDB
1.2.1       || Build from Source   ||
  || [[|Oneiric 11.10]]  || CouchDB
1.0.4       || Build from Source   ||
  || [[|Natty 11.04]]     || CouchDB
1.0.4       || Build from Source   ||
@@ -40, +41 @@

  For older releases of Ubuntu we strongly recommend to build from source.
- == Installing from Source on Precise and Quantal ==
+ == Installing from Source on Precise, Quantal, Raring, and Saucy ==
- Download CouchDB from an [[|apache
+ Download CouchDB from an [[|apache
  ### make sure you have a couchdb user for the daemon, and couchb group also
@@ -58, +59 @@

  ### couchdb developer dependencies
  sudo apt-get install -y libmozjs185-dev libicu-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev libtool
  ### unpack source
- cd /tmp && tar xvzf apache-couchdb-1.2.1.tar.gz
+ cd /tmp && tar xvzf apache-couchdb-1.4.0.tar.gz
  cd apache-couchdb-*
  ./configure && make
  ### install
@@ -73, +74 @@

  sudo update-rc.d couchdb defaults
- == Installing From Source ==
- === Easiest: using build-couchdb ===
+ === Alternatively: using build-couchdb ===
  There is a project called [[|build-couchdb]] that
automates and simplifies the building of CouchDB and its dependencies. If you want to build
the newest version of Couch with the least amount of pain this is probably your best bet.
See the [[|project Readme]] for instructions.
- === Advanced: manual building ===
- This is a basic outline of the steps required to build CouchDB from source on Ubuntu.  Like
many things, there are multiple ways to achieve the same task. With that in mind, these steps
may or may not be the best method for you (Example #2 below uses a javascript engine that
is installed from source, which may be preffered for minimal Ubuntu systems).
-  * Install first set of dependencies: `sudo apt-get build-dep couchdb`
-  * Install second set of dependencies:
-   * Ubuntu '''up to 9.10''': `sudo apt-get install libmozjs-dev libicu-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev
-   * Ubuntu '''10.04 and later when building CouchDB-1.1.x or less''': `sudo apt-get install
xulrunner-1.9.2-dev libicu-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev libtool erlang-eunit`
-    . Note that in 11.10 and later, xulrunner-1.9.2 includes the development files, so xulrunner-1.9.2-dev
does not exist (install xulrunner-1.9.2 instead).
-    . Then [[#xulrunner.conf|create /etc/]].
-   * Ubuntu '''11.04 and later when building CouchDB-1.2 or greater''': `sudo apt-get install
libmozjs-dev libicu-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev libtool`
-  * Download CouchDB from
-  * Untar (decompress) the source file: `tar -zxvf apache-couchdb-*.*.*.tar.gz`
-  * Change into the expanded directory: `cd apache-couchdb-*.*.*`
-  * Configure the build: `./configure`
-   . On Ubuntu '''10.04 and later when building CouchDB-1.1.x or less''':
-    . `./configure --with-js-include=/usr/lib/xulrunner-devel-w.x.y.z/include --with-js-lib=/usr/lib/xulrunner-devel-w.x.y.z/lib`
-    . or
-    . `LDFLAGS="$(pkg-config mozilla-js --libs-only-L)" CFLAGS="$(pkg-config mozilla-js --cflags)"
-   . On Ubuntu '''11.04 and later when building CouchDB-1.2 or greater''': No special flags
should be necessary to build. Simply run `./configure`
-   . You may want to specify build options like the installation directory, etc. Please reference
the examples below.
-  * Build or Compile the source: `make`
-  * Fix any error before moving to the next step.
-  * Install your newly built CouchDB: `sudo make install`
-  * Once the installation completes successfully, you will need to make sure that there is
a CouchDB user, and that the CouchDB user owns the necessary files and directories.
-  * Now you can run CouchDB manually by changing into the `bin/` folder of the installation
directory, and running: `sudo -u couchdb ./couchdb`
-  * Once the server is running you can browse to http://localhost:5984/_utils.  This should
take you to the Futon Web GUI.
-  * To be thorough, you should run the built in tests to ensure that CouchDB is working properly.
 To '''run the tests''', click on the [[http://localhost:5984/_utils/couch_tests.html?script/couch_tests.js|Test
Suite]] link on the right hand side of the Futon Web GUI, then click on "Run All" to execute
all of the built in tests.  ''All of tests should run without error on Ubuntu.''
-  * Once CouchDB is working properly you can add CouchDB to your startup scripts if desired.
- ''Note: If you installed all the dependencies of CouchDB from the Ubuntu Software Center,
but not CouchDB itself, some of the dependencies may think they are not required and the update
manager may suggest that they are removed. Should you remove these dependencies, CouchDB may
fail to start, perhaps with an error such as:''
- {{{
- {"init terminating in do_boot",{undef,[{crypto,start,[]},{erl_eval,do_apply,5},{init,start_it,1},{init,start_em,1}]}}
- }}}
- If this happens simply re-install the dependencies (possibly erlang-nox but it could vary).
- === Example 1 ===
- Please see below in links for complete instructions on how to install CouchDB.
- {{{
- sudo su
- # Install dependencies required to build couchdb from source
- apt-get build-dep couchdb
- cd /opt
- # download the latest release from
- # wget <url>
- tar xvzf apache-couchdb-x.xx.x.tar.gz
- cd apache-couchdb-x.xx.x
- # Note: To install couchdb in the default location use --prefix= in the configure statement
- # Note: To check what XULRunner version you have installed use xulrunner -v. CouchDB-1.1.x
and older will not work with XULRunner 2.0+.
- # Note: See Additional Notes (below) for additional, necessary information about using CouchDB-1.1.x
and older on Ubuntu versions less than 11.04.
- # Note: The extra --with-js-* options should not be used with CouchDB-1.2 (current trunk)
and newer on Ubuntu 11.04+, where building against libmozjs185-dev is preferred.
- ./configure --prefix= --with-js-lib=/usr/lib/xulrunner-devel-1.9.x.y/lib --with-js-include=/usr/lib/xulrunner-devel-1.9.x.y/include
- # Now you can compile and install couchdb
- make && make install
  # Add couchdb user account
  useradd -d /var/lib/couchdb couchdb
  chown -R couchdb: /var/lib/couchdb /var/log/couchdb

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