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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Couchdb Wiki] Update of "The_CouchDB_Vision" by NoahSlater
Date Sun, 28 Jul 2013 09:58:19 GMT
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The "The_CouchDB_Vision" page has been changed by NoahSlater:

New page:

= The CouchDB Vision =

This is a WIP to move items from [[|the
"What's our Why?" thread]] to a wiki page.


=== Notes ===

"We believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking different. We do that with
great design and a focus on the user experience. We just happen to make computers."

I you talk about what you believe, you will attract those that believe what you believe.

When you talk about what you believe, people will join you for their own reasons, for their
own purpose.

What you do simply serves as proof of what you believe.

"Martin Luther King gave his 'I have a dream' speech, not his 'i have a plan' speech."

Our existing message stinks.

We need to figure out what we stand for, what we believe in. And then we figure out how we're
gonna do that.

This will define a consistent internal vision for the project and will help us to attract
people who believe in what we believe.

Once we have our why, it can inform our how.

When we're talking about product direction we can say "well, how is this related to what we're
trying to do here?"

Whatever this ends up looking like, I think this is how we should talk about CouchDB. This
structure could be a template for anything. A talk, a sales pitch, the homepage itself. The
important thing is that we start from "why?" and we build up from foundations.

>From Jan:

"The number one thing that people did NOT like about CouchDB is that it is confused. CouchDB
has a torn identity, half database, half application server. It wasn’t clear (and I am part
responsible for this) what CouchDB is and wants to be. In everybody’s defence, I think,
it just took a while to figure it out. Now is a good time to put our findings in writing and
fix this."

"The number one request from people was to clear up CouchDB’s story, to have a clear, bold
vision that captures people and that they can easily understand and share and support and
move forward."

"Before I lay it out, I understand that I will be ruffling some feathers. I think that is
both necessary and healthy. I think the picture I am going to paint will make a lot of people
in the CouchDB community happy, some with concessions, but I utterly and strongly believe
that this vision of what CouchDB is has the power to set the course for the next five years
of the project and attract a whole lot of new people both as users and contributors."

== Why? ==

 * What's your purpose?
 * What's your cause?
 * What's your belief?

Suggestions made:

 * peer-to-peer replication of apps and datasets
 * your data, everywhere
 * "relax"
 * Painless distributed systems
 * Decentralised web
 * Put the data where you need it
 * "I have a dream that distributed data will be easy"
 * "CouchDB almost wants to be the Git, for databases"
 * "We believe that distributed data should be easy"

>From Jan:

"I want to live in a world where people are empowered to understand and are capable to decide
where their data lives. I want to live in a world where developers build apps that support
that, not because they went out of their way to implement it, but because it is a feature
of the software platform they are using."

"I want to be able to help people improve their lives in regions of the world where ubiquitous
network access isn’t — and sometimes that is just a major western capital’s subway —
but more likely is it a lesser developed location, or a rural area that will never see mobile
broadband, let alone wired broadband because there is no financial incentive."

"I want to live in a world where technology solves more problems than it creates. One of those
ways is allow people to use software wherever they are in whatever context they need it in.
More often than not, that means far away from fast network access[...]"

"My primary motivation for working on Apache CouchDB is to help build the world I want to
live in[...]"

== How? ==

 * How do we do it?
 * How does our product differentiate?
 * How are we different?
 * How are we better?

Suggestions made:

 * Schema-less/document-oriented
 * Replication
 * "of the web"
 * "some kind of big data handling"
 * "couchdb on their mobile"
 * we take care of your data
 * we take care of exchanging your data
 * we take care of rendering your data
 * We handle your data / you handle display
 * Painless multi-master replication
 * Effortless clustering and sharding
 * Co-location of data, queries, and views
 * Deep browser and platform integration
 * Built of the Web

>From Jan:

"In the past year I have interviewed a fair number of people, let’s say 50, from those who
have heard about CouchDB to users to core devs."

"The ONE feature that makes CouchDB relevant is multi-master replication. There is no exception,
this is the ONE thing that makes CouchDB exceptional. NOBODY else has that, and even the decent
proprietary solutions that are just coming to market suck where we KICK ASS."

"There are many other things that people like about CouchDB: reliability, no schema, HTTP
interface, the view system, etc. But NONE of these people would care if CouchDB didn’t have
multi-master replication."

== What? ==

 * What do we do?
 * What do we make?

Suggestions made:

 * Erlang
 * JavaScript
 * MapReduce
 * hoodie
 * kanso
 * erica
 * couchapp
 * Message hub (nodejistsu, hoodie are using couchdb as a message hub somehow)

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