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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Couchdb Wiki] Update of "CurrentReleases" by DaveCottlehuber
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2012 08:33:27 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "CurrentReleases" page has been changed by DaveCottlehuber:

include 1.2.0 release notes

  == 1.2.0 ==
[ [[|OpenPGP]]
] [ [[|MD5]]
] [ [[|SHA]]
+ === Changes ===
+  * Updated bundled erlang_oauth library to the latest version.
+  * cURL is no longer required to build CouchDB as it is only required by the command line
JS test runner.
+  * Added a native JSON parser.
+  * Optional file compression (database and view index files). This feature is enabled by
+  * Several performance improvements, especially regarding database writes and view indexing.
+  * Added a `data_size` property to database and view group information URIs.
+  * Added support for automatic compaction. This feature is disabled by default, but it can
be enabled via the .ini configuration.
+  * A new replicator implementation that offers more performance and configuration options.
+  * Added optional field `since_seq` to replication objects/documents.
+  * Simpler replication cancelation.
+  * The _active_tasks API now exposes more granular fields for each task type.
+  * Futon's `Status` screen (active tasks) now displays two new task status fields: `Started
on` and `Updated on`.
+  * Added built-in changes feed filter `_view`.
+  * Fixed old index file descriptor leaks after a view cleanup.
+  * Performance improvements for the built-in changes feed filters `_doc_ids` and `_design`.
+  * Fixes to the `_changes` feed heartbeat option when combined with a filter. It affected
continuous pull replications with a filter.
+  * Fix use of OAuth with VHosts and URL rewriting.
+  * OAuth secrets can now be stored in the users system database.
+  * Documents in the _users database can no longer be read by everyone.
+  * Confidential information in the _replication database can no longer be read by everyone.
+  * Password hashes are now calculated by CouchDB instead of the client.
+  * Allow persistent authentication cookies.
+  * The requested_path property of query server request objects now has the path requested
by clients before VHosts and rewriting.
+  * Fixed incorrect reduce query results when using pagination parameters.
+  * Made icu_driver work with Erlang R15B and later.
+  * Improvements to the build system and etap test suite.
+  * Avoid invalidating view indexes when running out of file descriptors.
+  * Log correct stacktrace in all cases.
+  * Improvements to log messages for file-related errors.
  == 1.1.1 ==
@@ -45, +77 @@

   * Fix deadlock when assigning couchjs processes to serve requests.
   * Fixes to the document multipart PUT API.
   * Fixes regarding file descriptor leaks for databases with views.
  == 1.0.3 ==

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