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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Couchdb Wiki] Trivial Update of "Binary_Releases" by DaveCottlehuber
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2012 20:57:41 GMT
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The "Binary_Releases" page has been changed by DaveCottlehuber:

just getting started

  ## page was copied from Release_procedure
- == Making a Source Release ==
+ = NOTES =
- Any Apache CouchDB committer is free to make a source release, but they are usually made
by the release team.
+  * currently working with HTTPD team to see if the new fancypants code signing is usable
+  * will likely roll releases of 1.2.0 in the usual fashion and use pgp keys to validate
+  * check with nslater on best way to handle this; I guess package/vote/upload is simplest
+  * also need to sort out where to host the damn thing. infra@ says people.a.o is not good
+  for the actual releases; mirrors might be OK for the releases though. Snaps have to go
+  somewhere, I am still partial to github simply because it tracks the number of downloads
+  when considering retiring them.
+  * most important issue ATM is how to reference the build process as I continually fiddle
+  with it, and how to name the artefacts consistently.
+ == Making a Binary Release [DRAFT] ==
+ Any Apache CouchDB committer is free to make a binary snapshot or release, but they are
usually made by the release team. There is an important distinction between snapshots and
releases, namely:
+  * Snapshots may be provided at any time, and have no significance attached to them.
+  * Releases must be cut from the same source tags or commit used for a preceding Source
+ This distinction ensures that the user community can rely on the same functionality cross-platform
for Releases.
  If you'd like to help out with making a release, lets us know on the [[|couchdb-dev]]
mailing list.
  === Checklist ===
+  * Check out the source code via git; for releases using the appropriate tag referred to
in the Source Release announcement.
+  * Double-check `README`, `INSTALL.Windows`, `NEWS`, and `CHANGES` files
+  * Download prebuilt Erlang/OTP and CouchDB pre-requisite libraries if required
+  * Make the build, including the final installer package
+  * On a fresh system, first 
-  * Update the `README` file with important information.
-  * Update the `NEWS` and `CHANGES` files with important information.
-  * Add note about breaking changes to the `NEWS` file if necessary.
-  * Remove "version has not been released" warnings from `NEWS` and `CHANGES` if present.
-  * If working on a branch, make sure `NEWS` and `CHANGES` are synced with trunk.
-  * Update the `` file with version information.
-    * LOCAL_VERSION_MAJOR should be the X in X.Y.Y
-    * LOCAL_VERSION_MINOR should be the X in Y.X.Y
-    * LOCAL_VERSION_REVISION should be the X in Y.Y.X
-    * LOCAL_VERSION_STAGE must always be empty on a release tag.
-      * When this is set, it indicates a development version. It is set on branches or on
trunk so that the release number includes the source code revision number, which can be useful
for development builds.
-  * Update the [[Breaking_changes]] document.
  === Preparing the Community ===

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