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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Couchdb Wiki] Trivial Update of "HTTP_view_API" by GeorgeSerbanut
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2012 00:33:21 GMT
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The "HTTP_view_API" page has been changed by GeorgeSerbanut:

  == View Generation Options ==
  There is currently one option that affects the data written into a view. To [[|include
documents' local sequence numbers]] in the index, so they will appear in the query results,
add the following to the design document:
  {{{#!highlight javascript
-     options : { 
+     options : {
-         local_seq : true 
+         local_seq : true
  (Unlike the querying options below, this isn't a URL parameter because it takes effect when
the view index is ''generated'', not when it's ''accessed''.)
@@ -115, +116 @@

  ||'''endkey_docid''' ||''document id'' ||''-'' ||last document id to include in the output
(to allow pagination for duplicate endkeys) ||
  ||'''limit''' ||''number of docs'' ||''-'' ||Limit the number of documents in the output
  ||'''stale''' ||''ok'' / ''update_after'' ||''-'' ||If '''stale=ok''' is set, CouchDB will
not refresh the view even if it is stale, the benefit is a an improved query latency. If '''stale=update_after'''
is set, CouchDB will update the view '''after''' the stale result is returned. update_after
was added in version 1.1.0. ||
- ||'''descending''' ||''true / false'' ||''false'' ||reverse the output ||
+ ||'''descending''' ||''true / false'' ||''false'' ||change the direction of search ||
  ||'''skip''' ||''number of docs'' ||''0'' ||skip ''n'' number of documents ||
  ||'''group''' ||''true'' ||''false'' ||The group option controls whether the reduce function
reduces to a set of distinct keys or to a single result row. ||
  ||'''group_level''' ||''number'' ||''-'' ||''see below'' ||
@@ -138, +139 @@

  If you specify ''?limit=0'' you don't get any data, but all meta-data for this View. The
number of documents in this View for example.
  ''Note: Multiple keys request to a reduce function only supports group=true and NO group_level
(identical to group_level=exact). The resulting error is "Multi-key fetchs for reduce view
must include `group=true`"''
  The ''skip'' option should only be used with small values, as skipping a large range of
documents this way is inefficient (it scans the index from the startkey and then skips N elements,
but still needs to read all the index values to do that). For efficient paging you'll need
to use ''startkey'' and ''limit''. If you expect to have multiple documents emit identical
keys, you'll need to use ''startkey_docid'' in addition to ''startkey'' to paginate correctly.
The reason is that ''startkey'' alone will no longer be sufficient to uniquely identify a
@@ -186, +184 @@

  === Meaning of the status hash ===
- ||'''Key''' ||||<style="text-align: center;">'''Description''' ||
+ ||'''Key''' ||||<style="text-align:center;">'''Description''' ||
- ||''name'' ||||<style="text-align: center;">Name of the design document without the
''_design'' prefix (string) ||
+ ||''name'' ||||<style="text-align:center;">Name of the design document without the
''_design'' prefix (string) ||
- ||''view_index'' ||||<style="text-align: center;">Contains information on the views
(JSON object) ||
+ ||''view_index'' ||||<style="text-align:center;">Contains information on the views
(JSON object) ||
  || ||'''Subkeys of''' '''''view_index''''' ||'''Description''' ||
  || ||''signature'' ||The MD5 representation of the views of a design document (string) ||
  || ||''language'' ||Language of the views used (string) ||

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