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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Couchdb Wiki] Update of "Transportation Security Administration estimates" by viola ye
Date Sat, 29 Oct 2011 09:07:30 GMT
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The "Transportation Security Administration estimates" page has been changed by viola ye:

New page:
Now, the number of carry-on bags rising - Transportation Security Administration estimates
that 59 million, 

of 2010 items carried over from the previous year - has triggered a debate, it costs all add
to the 

[ Cheap louis Vuitton Bags] on the screen in the end how many,
who should pick 

up the bill, and the machine

Field of security is being stretched too thin.

One by the U.S. Travel Association, travel industry organizations, the [

Vuitton Bags] concluded, screeners can not keep up with the floods and the effects range from
severe to 

argue - to reduce security - not happy - no longer at checkpoints.

"It's just common sense, more traffic through the same system, and fewer people to focus on
each specific 

piece, said:" Freeman, executive vice president of the Association Jeff. "You have the same
number of 

machines increased by 50% of the traffic through their future."

TSA spokesman Greg Soule a recognition of the need for screening of bags increased significantly,
has not 

been matched with more agents or X-ray machine, but added that the quality inspection, did
not suffer.

"Shopping bags to the check station may affect the number of passengers waiting time," he
said, "but not a 

security level, we provide, this is our first priority."

In the Senate Homeland Security Subcommittee hearing this [ Cheap
Louis Vuitton 

Handbags], Louisiana Democratic Senator Mary, asked Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano,

lawmakers should "look for the airline" to recover some of the profits from payment of baggage

additional security.

Ms. Napolitano is estimated to add more security personnel will spend $ 100 million, a quarter
of a year, 

although she did not say whether airlines should be required to help pay. Mr. Su Lai said,
and later, 

because the baggage fees are not provided by the agreement, it would be inappropriate to comment

Victoria Day, for the Air Transport Association, on behalf of the airline trade group spokesman,
said it 

was "often discussed with members of Congress" on these issues.

Department of Homeland Security has [ Cheap Louis Vuitton wallets]
to increase 

to $ 4 from $ 2.50, the cost of ensuring passenger safety, in 2012. Increasing the cost of
pay per boarding 

passenger, will raise $ 6 million per year, the department estimates.

Soule said, "Sir, said:" Although the original intent of Congress, security fees, covering
almost all of 

the screening of passengers and property related costs, costs less than one-third of the current

Airlines first began in 2005, checked baggage fees, and since then, the flight-related charges
has become 

the largest operator of [ Louis Vuitton Men's Handbags] revenue
sources. Only 

two major airlines, Southwest, still allow free checked baggage screeners did not report in
its terminal

Reported an increase in carry-on baggage.

U.S. Travel Association's proposal, the Ministry of Transport and require airlines to follow

example, including the base ticket price check bags. It also recommended that the executive

[ Louis Vuitton Handbags] number and size of bags, passengers
on the plane.

Airlines call back the proposal. Air Transport Association said the government involved in
airline pricing 

", reducing customer choice and the differences between operators competition."

This new fee discussions bags passenger complaints a month, a new security approach is too
intrusive and 

security checks for too long.

Passengers also complained about what is the use of the ticket price includes - not just bags,
but the food 

and beverage, bulkhead seat, passenger boarding and even order payments. Airline maintenance
costs, known 

as the "fare deregulation", passengers can save travel expenses, they did not pay they do
not need


U.S. Travel Association claims that have caused some [ Louis Vuitton
USA] to 

avoid the frustrations of air travel flight. In 2007 and 2008, 28% of passengers said they
unhappy enough 

to avoid at least one air travel, according to reports cited in the survey.

However, a retired airline captain Robert Herbst said that today's air travel on many factors,

from 2008, were investigated. "Fuel prices to $ 147 a barrel, the highest flight in history,
a lot of 

things, so that people do not want to fly," he said.

Mr. Herbst said, most of the airlines to continue flying with full planes. "Last year, a record
high load 

factors is through the screening process if the number of setbacks, how we had such a high
load factor?"

Tracking airline baggage fees, as he [ Louis Vuitton Women Handbags]
the site, 

to remove the first piece of checked baggage fees, may not solve the problem. "Airlines are
making money, 

they increase when people stay at home."

Charges for checked baggage, after six years, airlines have found a stable source of income
and continued 

to increase. U.S. Travel Association, Mr. Freeman said they have not figured out how to clear

[ Louis Vuitton Wallets] that will be a suitcase on the plane
may be a personal 

choice, but all by

Off the consequences of treatment.

"We are all acts of incentives," he said. "In today's incentives, to encourage passengers
to overwhelm the 



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