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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Couchdb Wiki] Update of "CouchDB_in_the_wild" by NoahSlater
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2011 15:02:54 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "CouchDB_in_the_wild" page has been changed by NoahSlater:

  = "CouchDB In The Wild" =
-  . '''A list of organizations using CouchDB to create software and websites in the wild.
Don't forget to add yours to the list!'''
+ A list of organizations using CouchDB to create software and websites in the wild.
-  . Some indication of the size of each instance would be helpful.
+ This page shouldn't be used to promote your product or services. It's primary purposes is
as a tool for people to understand how and why CouchDB is being used. If you include a link
here, please tell us how and why you are using CouchDB for some component of your product
or service. '''''If you do not mention CouchDB in your description, or the link looks promotional,
it may be removed as spam.'''''
  == Software ==
   * [[|Ajatus]] A CRM that runs as a local Ajax web application
   * [[|Anologue]] is like comments, meets im, meets irc, meets your
favorite paste app, meets instant coffee.
@@ -56, +59 @@

   * [[|SpreadLyrics]] is a song
lyrics sharing application for Android.
  == Websites ==
   * [[|]] Free designer-friendly image/psd/pdf uploading service on
the couch.
   * [[|ShrinkBooth]] Multi-lingual URL shortener on the couch.
@@ -68, +72 @@

   * [[|Assay Depot]] a marketplace for pharmaceutical research
services. We have multiple sites based on CouchDB (including [[|our
provider site]] all using filtered replication to communicate.
-  * [[|Passed GED]] A GED preparation service.
-  * [[|saskia]] clothing and fashion.
   * [[|TwiGroups]] is a social networking tool for use on Twitter.
CouchDB as tweets storage.
-  * [[|Ask Doctor Questions]] Is a website to ask health
questions for free and receive answers.
   * [[|CouchDB at
the BBC as a fault tolerant, scalable, multi-data center key-value store]]
@@ -86, +84 @@

   * [[|payroll]], payroll services.
 CouchDB runs the site-search.
-  * [[|FIXR]] Vertical Search Engine for contractor.
   * [[|UploadBooth]] Upload File Service run on the couch.
   * [[|PylonsHQ]], the Pylons Web framework website - [[|(explanation)]]
-  * [[|Gpirate]], world's biggest torrent search engine
-  * [[|DJ hire]], Melbourne djs
-  * [[|Youfindr]], a Social search engine
-  * [[|No fax payday loans]] - Finance service (online loans)
-  * [[|danang hotels vietnam]], danang hotels vietnam
   * [[|Benoît Chesneau's Weblog]], blog using couchapp by Benoît Chesneau
@@ -108, +94 @@

   * [[|Christopher Lenz's Weblog]]
-  *  [[|vital greens 1kg]] Vital greens
   * [[|Scratch pad]], by Christopher Lenz
   * [[|I Play WoW]], a Facebook
application by Nick Gerakines. [[|Case
   * [[|MoosTrax]], Web Based GPS Tracking
-  * [[|Pea Sized]], a simple band web site
   * [[|iWantMyName]], an easy to use domain registrar (finally)
@@ -135, +117 @@

   * [[|Ely Service]], a simple car garage web site built entirely
using CouchDB and CouchApp (with nginx for URL rewriting). [[|Writeup]].
   * [[|Source Weaver]], A web site whose blogging system is built
using CouchDB.
-  * [[|teddy and bears]] Collectible teddy bear website
   * [[|OurParents]], Senior Care web site assisting adult children
with their aging parents. Backend data system is CouchDB with a cache tier of MySQL.
@@ -172, +152 @@

   * [[|]] is a German-based car-selling platform and is using CouchDB for one of it's
services for getting individual offers by car-sellers.
-  * [[|]] is a German-based service for creating shopping lists.
It makes shopping faster and more structured and you will not buy things you don't need.
   * [[|]] provides practice tests and study information
for preparing for a US Amateur Radio License exam.
   * [[|]] anaglyph pictures blog powered by CouchDB
and Django.
@@ -184, +162 @@

   * [[|Le Bon Coin Du Cadeau]] helps you to find the right
gift to offer. Powered by CouchDB, Elastic Search and NodeJS.
-  * [[|Stackd]] Collaborative Website Hosting and File Sharing.
   * [[|Trechos de Músicas]] song lyrics sharing website
that runs in the cloud (Google AppEngine).
   * [[|The Infinite Maze]], a collaborative maze drawing site.
Fully Couch. Hosted on
@@ -195, +171 @@

   * [[|CRNA Programs]] CRNA programs directory using
CouchDB for user data and metrics.
  == Facebook Applications ==
   * [[|Will you Kissme]], Dating game
   * [[|Horoscope]], Horoscopes
   * [[|Birthday Greeting cards]], Greeting cards
-  * [[|iSwim]], Swimmers community, training log and results analytics
   * [[|Friend Dashboard]], An organizable table
of friends
   * [[|Trechos de Músicas]], Song lyrics Sharing
  == Internal Use ==
   * [[|HUDORA]] is using it for an internal Track & Trace
application [[|more]].
   * [[|Sotel IP Services]] is using it for some dynamic call routing
applications [[|more]].

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