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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Couchdb Wiki] Update of "CouchDB_in_the_wild" by MarkMark
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2011 19:22:58 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "CouchDB_in_the_wild" page has been changed by MarkMark:

  == Software ==
-  * [[|Ajatus]] A CRM that runs as a local Ajax web application
+  * [[|Novoline]] A CRM that runs as a local Ajax web application
   * [[|Anologue]] is like comments, meets im, meets irc, meets your
favorite paste app, meets instant coffee.
@@ -21, +21 @@

   * [[|Gargoyle
POI Server]], Simple REST access to Point of Interest geographical data in a variety of formats
(KML, GeoRSS, etc.)
-  * [[|Erlysocial is a distributed social graph metadata
-  * [[|urldammit]], RESTful "lost+found" service
for tracking the state of URLs a site is serving. Supports multiple backends (currently couchdb
and mysql for the risk averse)
-  * [[|Arbit project tracker]], aims to provide a decent modern extensible
multi project tracking tool. Features start with issue tracking and wiki and will not stop
before code analysis and translation management.
-  * [[|Scanty on the Couch]], a port of Adam
Wiggins' Scanty blog software
-  * [[|dotCloud]], open-source cloud federation platform
-  * [[|Davenport]] An extensible container for building
native CouchDB based OS X applications. Sorta like a Cocoa based version of eclipse for CouchDB
apps. This project is in its early stage of development.
-  * [[|Emberlight]] Publish
data-rich flowcharts to the web
-  * [[|Modern Forum]] Message board software using
CouchDB, CouchApp, and Sammy.js.
-  * [[|TapirWiki]] is a pure HTML / Javascript wiki which
uses CouchDB as the server and data store. It's a single HTML file which you can upload for
an ad-hoc, quick and dirty wiki.
-  * [[|Symbiote Framework]] is a .Net RAD framework
that brings together several excellent open source libraries and provides .Net APIs for technologies
like CouchDB.
-  * [[|Swinger]] is a couchapp for creating and showing
Presentations. Think Keynote, stored in CouchDB, run via Javascript and Sammy.js.
-  * [[|CouchRS]] is a custom data processing extension
allowing SQL Server Reporting Services to be pointed at CouchDB as reporting/analytics data
-  * [[|CarrierClass]] is an OpenSource SIP softswitch.
   * [[|KaraCos web platform engine]] is an OpenSource web framework and
a basic CMS. It exposes couchDB documents as 'Nodes' of the website resources tree.
   * [[|Group Complete]] is a collaborative data collection solution
for Android using CouchDB on the client and server.
@@ -56, +30 @@

   * [[|SpreadLyrics]] is a song
lyrics sharing application for Android.
  == Websites ==
-  * [[|]] Free designer-friendly image/psd/pdf uploading service on
the couch.
-  * [[|ShrinkBooth]] Multi-lingual URL shortener on the couch.
-  * [[|Appointment Reminder]] Appointment Reminder on the couch - ProdCall.
-  * [[|PasteBooth]] Multi-lingual Pastebin on the couch.
-  * [[|]] A website for memorizing all kinds of things.
-  * [[|Assay Depot]] a marketplace for pharmaceutical research
services. We have multiple sites based on CouchDB (including [[|our
provider site]] all using filtered replication to communicate.
-  * [[|Passed GED]] A GED preparation service.
-  * [[|Criminal
Justice Degree]] A regionally accredited college degree.
-  * [[|TwiGroups]] is a social networking tool for use on Twitter.
CouchDB as tweets storage.
-  * [[|Ask Doctor Questions]] Is a website to ask health
questions for free and receive answers.
   * [[|CouchDB at
the BBC as a fault tolerant, scalable, multi-data center key-value store]]

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