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Subject svn commit: r1083714 - /couchdb/trunk/etc/windows/couchdb.iss.tpl
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2011 09:28:57 GMT
Author: rnewson
Date: Mon Mar 21 09:28:57 2011
New Revision: 1083714

COUCHDB-963 - Erlang processes crash when running the delayed_commits test on Windows Server

patch contains 5 tweaks:
- add "-onfail restart_always" to service parameters to increase reliability
- bring service Erlang VM parameters in line with those in couchdb.bat
- improved uninstall by killing epmd first; this allows all binaries to be removed cleanly
- improved install in service mode by hiding popup erlsrv.exe consoles
- use full commandline options for erlsrv to make installer more readable

Thanks to Dave Cottlehuber for the patch.


Modified: couchdb/trunk/etc/windows/couchdb.iss.tpl
--- couchdb/trunk/etc/windows/couchdb.iss.tpl (original)
+++ couchdb/trunk/etc/windows/couchdb.iss.tpl Mon Mar 21 09:28:57 2011
@@ -74,11 +74,14 @@ Filename: "{app}\Install.exe"; Parameter
 ; Commands for a service
 ; First attempt to nuke an existing service of this name, incase they are
 ; reinstalling without uninstalling
-Filename: "{app}\erts-%erts_version%\bin\erlsrv.exe"; Parameters: "remove ""%package_name%""";
Tasks: service
-; add a new one
-Filename: "{app}\erts-%erts_version%\bin\erlsrv.exe"; Parameters: "add ""%package_name%""
-w ""{app}\bin"" -ar ""-sasl errlog_type error -s couch"" -c ""%package_name% %version%""";
Tasks: service
+Filename: "{app}\erts-%erts_version%\bin\erlsrv.exe"; Parameters: "remove ""%package_name%""";
Flags: runhidden; Tasks: service
+; add a new service, including automatic restart by default on failure
+Filename: "{app}\erts-%erts_version%\bin\erlsrv.exe"; Parameters: "add ""%package_name%""
-workdir ""{app}\bin"" -onfail restart_always -args ""-sasl errlog_type error -s couch +A
4 +W w"" -comment ""%package_name% %version%"""; Flags: runhidden; Tasks: service
 ; and start it if requested
-Filename: "{app}\erts-%erts_version%\bin\erlsrv.exe"; Parameters: "start ""%package_name%""";
Tasks: service\start
+Filename: "{app}\erts-%erts_version%\bin\erlsrv.exe"; Parameters: "start ""%package_name%""";
Flags: runhidden; Tasks: service\start
-Filename: "{app}\erts-%erts_version%\bin\erlsrv.exe"; Parameters: "remove ""%package_name%""";
Tasks: service
+; erlsrv stops services prior to removing them
+Filename: "{app}\erts-%erts_version%\bin\erlsrv.exe"; Parameters: "remove ""%package_name%""";
Flags: runhidden; Tasks: service
+; kill epmd.exe if running to ensure uninstaller is not prevented from removing all binaries
+Filename: "{app}\erts-%erts_version%\bin\epmd.exe"; Parameters: "-kill"; Flags: runhidden

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