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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Couchdb Wiki] Trivial Update of "HTTP_view_API" by MarcelloNuccio
Date Sat, 18 Dec 2010 09:25:04 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "HTTP_view_API" page has been changed by MarcelloNuccio.
The comment on this change is: endkey_docid value is document id..


  ||'''startkey''' ||''key-value'' ||''-'' ||'''Must''' be a proper URL encoded JSON value
  ||'''startkey_docid''' ||''document id'' ||''-'' ||document id to start with ||
  ||'''endkey''' ||''key-value'' ||''-'' ||'''Must''' be a proper URL encoded JSON value ||
- ||'''endkey_docid''' ||''endkey_docid'' ||''-'' ||last document id to include in the output
+ ||'''endkey_docid''' ||''document id'' ||''-'' ||last document id to include in the output
  ||'''limit''' ||''number of docs'' ||''-'' ||Limit the number of documents in the output
  ||'''stale''' ||''ok'' ||''-'' ||If '''stale=ok''' is set CouchDB will not refresh the view
even if it is stalled. ||
  ||'''descending''' ||''true / false'' ||''false'' ||reverse the output ||
@@ -137, +137 @@

  If a view contains both a map and reduce function, querying that view will by default return
the result of the reduce function. The result of the map function only may be retrieved by
passing ''reduce=false'' as a query parameter.
  The ''include_docs'' option will include the associated document. However, the user should
keep in mind that there is a race condition when using this option. It is possible that between
reading the view data and fetching the corresponding document that the document has changed.
If you want to alleviate such concerns you should emit an object with a _rev attribute as
in ''emit(key, {"_rev": doc._rev})''. This alleviates the race condition but leaves the possibility
that the returned document has been deleted (in which case, it includes the ''"_deleted":
true'' attribute). '''Note''': ''include_docs'' will cause a single document lookup per returned
view result row. This adds significant strain on the storage system if you are under high
load or return a lot of rows per request. If you are concerned about this, you can emit the
full doc in each row; this will increase view index time and space requirements, but will
make view reads optimally fast.
  The ''inclusive_end'' option controls whether the ''endkey'' is included in the result.
It defaults to true.
@@ -208, +207 @@

  There are no development plans to share code/functions between views.  Each view function
is stored according to a hash of their byte representation, so it is important that a function
does not load any additional code, changing its behavior without changing its byte-string.
 Hence the use-case for [[|CouchApp]]. In CouchApp, it
is possible to include directives within any Javascript functions that directs CouchApp to
modify the functions before they are uploaded to the CouchDb server.
  An explanation of CouchApp directives is found in [[|Chris
Strom's blog]]. Using CouchApp, one can insert Javascript code from a different file into
a view map function using the "code" CouchApp directive. For example:
  {{{#!highlight javascript
-   "map": "function(doc) { 
+   "map": "function(doc) {
      // Next line is CouchApp directive
      // !code dir/file.js
@@ -221, +221 @@

  Since CouchDB 0.11 it is possible to share code in {{{show}}}, {{{list}}}, {{{update}}},
and {{{validation}}} functions. See [[CommonJS_Modules]] for details.
  See also [[JavascriptPatternViewCommonJs|Javascript Pattern to Share Code Between View and
Other Functions]]

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