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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Couchdb Wiki] Update of "GaganSaksena" by GaganSaksena
Date Wed, 04 Aug 2010 16:43:22 GMT
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The "GaganSaksena" page has been changed by GaganSaksena.


New page:
#format wiki
#language en
== Gagan Saksena ==
Some recipes/notes from using CouchDB. These could be valuable someday for others navigating
their way in these waters. For now mostly a placeholder for things I'm learning. This is '''work
in progress'''!

==== Handy shortcuts ====
There are a number of handy shortcuts for doing standard reduce tasks- Checkout [[Built-In_Reduce_Functions]]
for more details.

=== SQL Recipes in Map/Reduce ===
A collection of handy recipes to do common tasks in map/reduce. This page is still in development-
checkout this book's page for some useful details- [[|Views
for SQL jockeys]]

For the purpose of these recipes- the equivalent SQL table looks like this-


||<tablewidth="80%">SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Foo;||function (doc) {  // todo } ||_count||
||SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Foo WHERE ="value";||function (doc) {  //todo } ||_count||Fetch
view with ?key=bar||
||SELECT DISTINCT bar FROM Foo;||function (doc) {  // todo } || || ||
||GROUP BY example||function (doc) {  // todo } || || ||
||GROUP BY with SORT BY example||function (doc) {  // todo } || || ||


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