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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Couchdb Wiki] Trivial Update of "Replication_and_conflicts" by BrianCandler
Date Fri, 30 Oct 2009 13:09:45 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "Replication_and_conflicts" page has been changed by BrianCandler.


- ## page was renamed from Replications_and_conflicts
  = Replication and conflict model =
  Let's take the following example to illustrate replication and conflict
@@ -11, +10 @@

   * On the desktop PC, she updates Bob's E-mail address. Without
   syncing again, she updates Bob's mobile number on the laptop.
   * Then she replicates the two to each other again
+ So on the desktop the document has Bob's new E-mail address and his old mobile number, and
on the laptop it has his old E-mail address and his new mobile number.
  The question is, what happens to these conflicting updated documents?
@@ -356, +357 @@

  == Unison ==
- [ Unison] is a bi-directional file
+ [[|Unison]] is a bi-directional file
  synchronisation tool. In this case, the business card would be a file,
  say bob.vcf.
@@ -391, +392 @@

  == Git ==
- [ Git] is a well-known distributed source control system.
+ [[|Git]] is a well-known distributed source control system.
  Like unison, git deals with files. However, git considers the state of a
  whole set of files as a single object, the "tree". Whenever you save an
  update, you create a "commit" which points to both the updated tree and the
@@ -514, +515 @@

  == Amazon Dynamo ==
- [ Dynamo]
+ [[|Dynamo]]
  is designed as an "always writeable" key-value store, so it has no equivalent to the
  409 conflict avoidance. It encourages users to perform conflict resolution
  on read: a read operation provides all the conflicting versions plus a

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