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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Couchdb Wiki] Update of "SummerOfCode2009" by MichaelMcDaniel
Date Wed, 11 Mar 2009 01:13:54 GMT
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The following page has been changed by MichaelMcDaniel:

  || '''Possible Mentors''' || ''Paul Davis'' ||
  || '''Status''' || ''no students yet'' ||
+ == Erlang Interface ==
+ [[Anchor(couchdb)]]
+ [[Anchor(couchdb-erlang-interface)]]
+ || '''Subject ID''' || '''couchdb-erlang-interface''' ||
+ || '''Title''' || '''''Erlang interface to CouchDB to bypass HTTP/JSON layer''''' ||
+ || '''ASF Project''' || ''[ Apache CouchDB]'' ||
+ || '''Keywords''' || ''couchdb, erlang, interface'' ||
+ || '''Description''' || ''This work would provide a direct interface to CouchDB.  It could
be used by, e.g., wpart_* interfaces from Erlang-Web, or by appmods in YAWS.  It would interface
directly to the CouchDB Erlang layer using Erlang term(), not JSON conversions.  There would
be no HTTP involved, only direct Erlang message passing or fun calls to/from CouchDB.  If
a message passing design is used, distributed access to one or more CouchDB nodes may be simplified
(e.g. a cluster of web servers accessing one or more CouchDB nodes).  Interface should minimally
provide same functionality as that available to view servers or via HTTP interface and allow
for maintenance to keep parity when new functionality is added.  Since modifications/additions
of CouchDB source is involved, additional value could be added by providing another interface
to couch_query_servers which can pass lists of documents rather than a single document (to
view servers and via the Erlang interface).  T!
 his would allow parallel map functions to run on subsets of the list provided by couch_query_servers.
couch_query_server could dynamically check memory and adjust the number of documents sent.''
+ || '''Possible Mentors''' || '' ||
+ || '''Status''' || ''no students yet'' ||

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