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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Couchdb Wiki] Update of "Contributing" by ChrisAnderson
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2009 22:23:56 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by ChrisAnderson:

The comment on the change is:
deleted old information about development ini file

  == Running CouchDB From the Source Directory ==
- From the checkout directory, first perform the `./bootstrap`, `./configure`, and `make`
steps so that everything gets built properly.
+ This is documented on the page ["Running_Couchdb_in_Dev_Mode"]
- Then create a configuration file that you'll use for running CouchDB directly from the source
directory. We'll call it `couch_dev.ini` and drop it directly into the checkout directory,
with the following content: (Note that we have CouchDB running on port 5985, so that it doesn't
conflict with any existing running instance on the standard port.)
- {{{
- [couchdb]
- allow_remote_restart = true
- database_dir = .
- util_driver_dir = src/couchdb/.libs
- [httpd]
- port = 5985
- utils_dir = share/www
- [log]
- file = couch.log
- level = debug
- [query_servers]
- javascript = src/couchdb/couchjs share/server/main.js
- }}}
- Note that we use relative paths for anything that's in the checkout (such as the static
resources and the Javascript view server). For the database directory and the log file, we're
using the current working directory here, but it could really be anything you'd like (such
as a directory in `/tmp`).
- Now you can fire up CouchDB as follows. Do this from the top of the checkout directory so
that the relative paths we put in the configuration file work correctly.
- {{{
- ./bin/couchdb -c couch_dev.ini
- }}}
- Note the runtime configurations will be written to the last file specified after a `-c`
directive, so if you'd like to write changes back to an ini file, append something like `-c
local_dev.ini` to the above command line.
- When CouchDB starts, you should see:
- {{{
- Apache CouchDB 0.9.0a690675-incubating (LogLevel=debug) is starting.
- Configuration Settings ["couch_dev.ini"]:
-   [couchdb] allow_remote_restart="true"
-   [couchdb] database_dir="."
-   [couchdb] util_driver_dir="src/couchdb/.libs"
-   [httpd] port="5985"
-   [httpd] utils_dir="share/www"
-   [log] file="couch.log"
-   [log] level="debug"
-   [query_servers] javascript="src/couchdb/couchjs share/server/main.js"
- Apache CouchDB has started. Time to relax.
- }}}
- CouchDB should now be running and you can try accessing the HTTP interface by visiting

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