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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Couchdb Wiki] Update of "ConfiguringDistributedSystems" by DaleJohnson
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2008 09:59:50 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by DaleJohnson:

- This is a stub for a page to discuss how to actually get couchdb running in a distributed
+ Distributed CouchDB implementations:
+  * CouchDB currently scales for reads, by allowing synchronization between multiple servers.
+  * CouchDB does not currently support partitioning.
+ (couch-dev post from Jan Lehnardt - July 2008)
+ {{{
+ At the moment, CouchDB runs best on a single machine
+ with multiple machines for a cluster using replication to
+ synchronise data. Erlang allows a VM to run on multiple
+ machines and we do not yet take advantage of that fact.
+ This is an area that is worth investigating.
+ The road map is at
+ ... scaling parts are Future Feature work.
+ A couple of people have voiced interest in contributing there
+ especially the database partitioning, but nothing has come
+ out of that yet.
+ }}}
  == Editorial Notes ==
- I doubt that the wiki is a good place to have this discussion.  The designers are most welcome
to take it onto the couchdb-dev email list.
- If there is a Road Map document someplace that discusses at what stage certain possibly
unimplemented features are planned, perhaps someone could link it in here.
   * I see that there is replication via the 'replication' functionality on the http://localhost:5984/_utils
console interface, but how does one distribute a database across, say 10 hosts?
   * Is there a way to specify the number of copies of a piece of data?  (Presumes not all
hosts have copies of each piece of data)
@@ -20, +36 @@

   * Let's try to document this.  What do we mean by '''distributed'''?
- Excerpts from the wiki FAQ
- {{{
- How Much Stuff can I Store in CouchDB?
- With node partitioning, virtually unlimited. For a single database instance, the practical
scaling limits aren't yet known. 
- }}}
-  * Implies that node partitioning is build into couchdb.  Otherwise it means that every
platform known to man supports a virtually unlimited amount of stuff.  All you'd have to do
is set up your own partitioning scheme ;)
  === Distributed defined ===
  Here's what some people might ''assume'' we mean by distributed data store:

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