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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Withdrawal of Corinthia Podling
Date Sat, 07 Nov 2015 18:40:18 GMT
On Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 04:10:25PM -0700, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> It appears that Corinthia has in fact, and in all but final detail,
> withdrawn as an Apache Incubator podling.
> I see that there are 5 PPMC members left,
> 	(gmcdonald)	 Gavin McDonald
> 	(orcmid)		 Dennis E. Hamilton
> 	(Pescetti)		 Andrea Pescetti
> 	(svanteschubert) Svante Schubert
> 	(wave)		 Dave Fisher (also a mentor)
> Apparently that is enough of us to create a resolution to the Incubator PMC
> for withdrawal of the podling, say in time for the November report to the
> IPMC or the scheduled December podling report.
> I have no idea what the details would be, but assume the IPMC would take
> that on.


I've been assisting the Droids and Kalumet podlings with their retirement[1],
and I'd like to volunteer to help Corinthia as well.

Since the discussion phase seems to have concluded, the next step is to
demonstrate consensus among the Corinthia PPMC that the podling should be
retired.  Technically that doesn't have to be done via a VOTE, but that's the
most straightforward way.  Here's the Droids VOTE:

Feel free to start a VOTE thread using the Droids VOTE email as a template, or
I can start one in a few days if there are no objections.

Should the PPMC VOTE pass, then the next step is an IPMC VOTE ratifying the
result on general@incubator, then a volunteer performs the retirement
adminstrative procedures.  I can help with both of those tasks.  (I'm looking
to clean up the Incubator's retirement guide a bit, so I'm gathering


Marvin Humphrey


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