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From Ian C <>
Subject Re: Live ODF discussion?
Date Thu, 06 Aug 2015 01:38:08 GMT
Hi Guys,

I have been a bit under the weather of late but have been working on
the round trip of a document. At the moment the original comes back I
am trying to figure out how to pick up say a paragraph change.

I sent an email a while back and have just noticed it was bounce
because of a large attachment and then sent to my spam folder. I'll
sort it an resend.

Re catch up, I'd be happy to try something. I can borrow the kid's
ipad to get on to a video chat if you really want to see my ugly mush.

Evenings my time is the best. Weekends are variable depending on
family/domestic activities. Peter you an I should be pretty much in
the same timezone?

On Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 2:30 AM, jan i <> wrote:
> On 5 August 2015 at 19:31, Gabriela Gibson <>
> wrote:
>> That is a good idea.  We could probably archive the history of the hang out
>> or perhaps open an irc channel.
> it is a real good idea. also to archive the session.
>> Apache has some nice tools for irc, for example the buildbot does report on
>> irc and also notify commits on the channel.  There is also a way to
>> automatically archive and publish channel history and its searchable.
> Actually Apache is moving towards hipchat, something we might use when we
> get big.
>> There is also a handy bot to leave messages for ppl who are not logged in
>> currently and a webinterface also exists.
>> So, hangout is good but irc has more convenient features.
> I prefer hangout with video, it gives a better team spirit.
> But if I am the only one, I admit to have irc installed :-)
> Most important to me is that as many as possible can participate, but a
> meeting
> needs to have at least the active developers online.
> thanks for taking the initative.
> rgds
> jan i.
>> G
>> On 5 Aug 2015 18:23, "Peter Kelly" <> wrote:
>> > As we’re all aware ODF is an important component of Corinthia but one
>> > which needs a lot of development work done before it’s functional, and
>> > given the rate of progress so far I thought I’d suggest an online
>> > discussion either via Google Hangouts or Skype. This might help to move
>> > things forward by discussing where we want to go, and for me to answer
>> > questions about the current codebase that anyone has :)
>> >
>> > What does everyone thing of the idea? If you’re interested, let’s
>> organise
>> > a time perhaps in the next couple of weeks for the chat. Timezones will
>> be
>> > a bit tricky given we’re spread out all over the world, but if we post
>> our
>> > available times we should be able to work something out.
>> >
>> > If we do organise this, I volunteer to take notes and post a summary on
>> > the mailing list as a record and for the benefit of those who aren’t able
>> > to attend.
>> >
>> > —
>> > Dr Peter M. Kelly
>> >
>> >
>> > PGP key: <
>> > (fingerprint 5435 6718 59F0 DD1F BFA0 5E46 2523 BAA1 44AE 2966)
>> >
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