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From Harry Bachmann <>
Subject Re: C99 versus C++ (limited)
Date Mon, 10 Aug 2015 11:57:40 GMT

I spend some time and tested a little C99 versus C++ on the Arm-Core and found out C99 makes
some times much better code.

Hope this Helps ;-)


> Am 10.08.2015 um 19:26 schrieb jan i <>:
> Hi
> Peter and I talked the other day and among others about the benefits of
> using C++ instead of sticking to C99.
> This would be a major change in the project (less in the code, more in the
> "how to"), and it is
> not something we should "just" do.
> I favor C++, but not unlimited, I see 2 places where C++ can give us more
> stable code:
> - Interfaces.
> Using classes to group our functions (like e.g. platform, core, filters/odf
> etc.),
> would make it very clear where the function originates. It would also allow
> group global variables that are private to the rest of the world.
> I would not use real interface classes, for our internal grouping, that is
> not needed. But e.g. the DocFormats API should be a real interface class
> - Automatic.
> At the moment we have a lot of code managing construction/deconstruction,
> that could be totally automated by use of C++ smart pointers.
> - Object model (filters, flat and core)
> would be more logically represented as objects, and suddenly copying etc.
> would be a lot easier.
> I would not like to see big inheritance (especially not multiple
> inheritance).
> I fail to see what we loose by making the change, but please give your
> opinion.
> rgds
> jan i.
> Ps. This is in no way a vote thread, but simply a way to gather opinions.

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