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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Corinthia, suggested board report
Date Sat, 29 Aug 2015 15:10:27 GMT
jan i wrote:
> The community needs immediate help from the IPMC. One person is
> causing a major break in the community

So much has been written in public that I can comment in public. Your 
(Jan's) determined effort to remove Dennis from Corinthia is excessive. 
The fact that you feel the need to single out Dennis so often in the 
mails you write to the dev list, including the mail celebrating 0.1 
where you still had to take revenge on the "one guy" who tried to slow 
you down, is frankly excessive. This attitude may justify that people go 
(or remain) silent just to avoid being the next in your kill list.

Please take this with the right spirit, as friendly (even though surely 
frank) advice and nothing else. I don't want to start a debate, and even 
if you start it, I won't have time to follow up.

My perception is that the community is not having a "major break": it is 
going through normal growing pains that I would like to see addressed in 
a more inclusive way. Well, that's it for me and I don't think this will 
change the future history; we have mentors for these issues and we have 
to respect them, but I wanted to make clear what my thoughts as a human 
being are about these issues for an incubating project.

>    We are proud that we have managed to make our first release.

...release, Corinthia (incubating) 0.1. [Edit: I see it's listed at the 
end; OK like this too].

>    We have a PPMC/committer invitation outstanding.

It's uncommon to talk about outstanding invitations, it's better to keep 
the real one (the new committer announcement) for the next report.

>    As noted on "issues" we have a severe community problem, which
>    if not solved probably will cause the community to break and further
>    development to stop.

Of course in my picture, in a mature project this should never happen, 
because people continue their involvement and work more closely with 
those who are closer to their style. I see an Apache project as a 
University class: you don't really get to choose who is in the big group 
and who is not, but you get to choose the people you can work more 
productively with. And to expel someone from the big group you have to 
have EXTREMELY good reasons.

Again, this is simply friendly advice that I suspect will not change the 
course of history and will only waste our time (but only today; again, 
I'm not starting a debate); my point is, look at this from the point of 
view of a future contributor or a current silent committer.


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