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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject The ASF Code of Conduct
Date Thu, 27 Aug 2015 17:47:51 GMT
[BCC to the Corinthia PPMC]

Things got very hot here early this week. I have nothing to say about that.  This is not a
response.  The ASF Code of Conduct came to my attention in an entirely different context.

I think it is useful here, however.  My suggestion is, starting clean from now and *going*forward*,
we observe the ASF Code of Conduct, recognizing that the code applies in all of the places
it names, and that we all strive to honor it,

I promise to adhere to it in spirit as well as to the letter.  You can count on that and if
I fail in that effort you can call me on it and I will clean it up.

In the event that you have first-person direct knowledge of a violation of this policy that
cannot be worked out directly, please follow the "Reporting Guidelines" in the Policy statement.

 -- Dennis E. Hamilton    +1-206-779-9430  PGP F96E 89FF D456 628A
    X.509 certs used and requested for signed e-mail

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