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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: [PRE-VOTE] Release candidate 0.1
Date Mon, 17 Aug 2015 15:27:04 GMT
I assume this has been reviewed: 

This appears to be a function that is supported in Kernel32.dll for Windows 8 and later. 
(Notice that the older CreateFile is defined for Windows XP and later.)  CreateFile2 only
handles Unicode (WSTR) FileName strings, which makes sense if this is intended for use on
the Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

Perhaps the appropriate action with this detected platform integration failure is to create
a JIRA issue on this and then decide separately whether it is a release blocker or not.  It
certainly strikes me as something that needs to be hunted down at some point.
I believe this is consistent with 
<> looking beyond the checklist
section (e.g., the Bugs subsection).

 - Dennis

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From: jan i [] 
Sent: Sunday, August 16, 2015 23:52
To: jan i <>
Subject: Re: [PRE-VOTE] Release candidate 0.1

Just tested dftest on windows7 and windows10. Zip test cases works without

A little remark, we do not make a binary release, so a runtime problem is
(even though something we shall investigate) in general not within the
scope of
the release. A compile error would be within the scope.

jan i.

On 17 August 2015 at 07:36, jan i <> wrote:

> On 17 August 2015 at 05:07, Peter Kelly <> wrote:
[ ... ]
>> One remaining problem - and this may be something to do with the way I’m
>> building, not necessarily an error in the code - but on windows after I
>> compile, and copy the necessary dlls into the bin directory, I get the
>> following error message:
>> “The procedure entry point CreateFile2 could not be located in the
>> dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll”.
[ ... ]

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