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From Ian C <>
Subject Word round trip issue? And round trip in general.
Date Sun, 05 Jul 2015 09:18:15 GMT

I have a test docx file used to test the Calibre word plugin

I can read the docx file using OpenOffice 4.0.

Then I used dfconvert get to convert it to an html.
And the corresponding put to get it back. With no edits or anything
done to the html.

The document is no longer readable by OpenOffice.

I don't have Word on this unix system so can't see if Word could still read it.

Something gone wrong or are my expectations incorrect?

I was trying this to see how the word converter handled say editing
the text within and html document.

And I have some of the mechanics of odt doing a round trip. In fact my
test document can be written to html and read back again. Although no
real work is being done it is really just a copy of the original.
Which leads me to wonder what scenarios I should be looking at. I was
going to start with a simple text edit.


Ian C

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