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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] Corinthia Home for ODF Interoperability Assessment
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2015 02:01:07 GMT
I'm still brainstorming.  With regard to the structures for building ODF Interoperability Assessment
structure, Apache OpenOffice has a web interface to its SVN, has a web site that is fairly
straightforward, and has a MediaWiki as well as an existing forum setup.  

That would also provide for code that needs to be built alongside the assessment spiral.

There is already an existing QA team that might be willing to play as well.

The one shortcoming is that this is not in AOO's scope and it brings assessment too close
to the perspective of a single implementation.

Another approach, outside of the ASF, would be to use GitHub for the materials that could
be code-managed and use a web site for the persistent text stuff and maybe download areas.
 That does not seem so good in terms of encouragement for others to play though.

And there is the weird prospect of a different ASF (or other host) project for this purpose.

Still, the ability to assess implementations and to provide some sort of assurance process
seems wired into the Corinthia scope, although it is not clear how that was intended to come

Wonder, wonder, wonder.

 - Dennis

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From: Dennis E. Hamilton [] 
Sent: Monday, June 15, 2015 13:12
Subject: [DISCUSS] Corinthia Home for ODF Interoperability Assessment

I want to start building specimen documents that fit the model of interoperability assessment
that is sketched (sketchily) at 
<> under the "ODF Conformance/Compliance
Assurance helix."

My thought is to create a branch having a folder, "InteropAssess" with subfolder "ODF" to
start a subtree of folders that develop specimens that demonstrate particular aspects of ODF
documents.  These can be used as test suites but are not intended to be the same as ad hoc
tests created to exercising particular Corinthia and DocFormats functions.  Rather they are
addressed to the standards and any profiling of processors, with DocFormats being only one.


I don't quite like putting these in a Git repository because it is important and useful to
cross-reference among the materials and I am not clear how that can happen in a non-web repository
system.  I do know how to make it work with a SubVersion repository because one can use the
fact that the SVN is part of a web site and can be navigated with a browser.  One can even
put HTML pages in an SVN repository and use (relative) links to cross-reference among the

That is an extremely valuable way to do what I have in mind.

Is this possible with the Corinthia Git repository?

Is it possible to reach into the Corinthia Git repository trunk or some stable branch via

An useful case would be to cross-reference between folders under "InteropAssess" and the Corinthia
Confluence Wiki?

An alternative would be to use the Corinthia web site, but I don't know what is in mind for
that and how one deals with the responsive design and all that.  I am really talking about
flat, static HTML pages working somehow.  If there is to be responsive design, it must work
with some sort of simple template or even some kind of MarkDown usage.  

What do folks see that could work here?

If not, I think I would rather do this outside the Corinthia project using a web site that
I can manage myself.

 - Dennis

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