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From Gabriela Gibson <>
Subject Re: Code explanations in Wiki ?
Date Tue, 12 May 2015 11:52:00 GMT
Hi Peter,

thanks for all the explanations :-)

Further to Jan's suggestion, I think that the DF* library functions
could benefit from DocBook comments, and be treated like an internal

Whilst this is not for consumption for Corinthia users, it will be
useful for devs in general and help to flatten the learning curve for
newbies initially, and it's nice to just check on the generated HTML
page to quickly find the correct tool or see easily if a better method
is available.

I wouldn't mind writing the initial cut thereof and it would help me
understand the DF library better too.


On 5/12/15, jan i <> wrote:
> Hi Peter.
> Thanks for these super explanations, even though I work on the libraries at
> the moment, they
> were very interesting to read.
> Should these mails (in a slightly modified form) go into our Wiki, maybe as
> group "Thoughts
> around the codebase" or something similar ?
> Keep up the fun
> rgds
> jan I.

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