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From Ian C <>
Subject ODF to HTML
Date Sun, 31 May 2015 12:09:54 GMT
Hi Gabriela,

I hacked your code to get a version that walks the headers.odf document
styles.xml and builds some css classes for the heading elements.

Then when walking the content.xml I generate html div tags that use the
div.heading class.

The output is okay in that we can now see the bolded header elements.

Repeat this is a hack ... :-)

I looked through how it is/was done for Word and we need to consider many
more details re the structure of the code and generating a CSS sheet with
selectors that make more sense?

I just generated to div tags do we want that? Mapping to h1... hn could be
a better way but not sure how to really map the correct heading styles to
the hn.

And a point I noticed is that the css generated from the odf element uses
values like font-size: 115% Using a percentage doesn't seem to have any

We also need to take into account the style hierarchy. I see from some of
the CSS documentation that there are mechanisms in place to manage that but
have not looked in detail. Any advice Peter?

And as discussed off list I have attempted to generate you a patch. The
patch was generated via a simple git diff > patch.txt command. Not sure if
that is the way to get you a valid patch.
So the patch is attached as well as my versions of the source files.That
patch was generated from the filters/odf directory.


Ian C

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