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From Franz de Copenhague <>
Subject RE: Proposal: incubator-corinthia/test_documents
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2015 11:35:58 GMT
>> I have access to odf, but not to docx generators.
>you are a asf committer so you can apply for a microsoft msdn license for free,
>that gives you access to pretty much all microsoft tools.

You can generate odf, and save as docx as well.

Regarding to samples directory, so far we have sample_code, sample_documents and assets in
dfwebserver. So, I propose to have assets on top of the repository and code and documents
under. I can move dfwebsever assets folder to /assets/documents folder


I have a couple of comments regarding to the sample documents:

* simple1.html and list.html have the same content

* I suggest to refactory h1-6_center_p.html like
<p>This is a paragraph with five sentences:
    <span> this sentence is plain. </span> <!-- I don’t know if editor will
split up the plain PCDATA in span tags -->
    <b> This sentence is bold.</b>
    <u> This sentence is underlined.</u>
    <i>This sentence is slanted.</i>
<b><i>This sentence is bold and slanted.</b></i>


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