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From Gabriela Gibson <>
Subject Small script page for the wiki?
Date Thu, 16 Apr 2015 12:51:46 GMT
I think having a wiki page where we share our little handy scripts with
others might be useful.

So I'd propose to have a set of pages like so: Scripts > Windows | Mac |

I'd also be tempted to make a script for setting up corinthia from scratch,
ie, something that check for presence of the correct required libraries and
downloads stuff that is missing / out of date, without people have to hunt
around everywhere in order to find the right versions.


After typing the same thing repeatedly, I made this script this morning:

#! /bin/bash

# Download and build a new Corinthia on linux, making a TAGS file for

# emacs assuming that you already have all the supporting libraries

# installed and your git set up with your comitter id.


# Usage: build-corinthia <name of directory you'd like>

if test -z "$1"; then printf 'Please supply a directory name.\n'; exit; fi
if test -e "$1"; then printf 'The directory already exists.\n'; exit; fi
mkdir $1
cd $1
git clone
cd incubator-corinthia/
mkdir "build"
find . -name "*.[ch]" -print0 | xargs -0 etags -
cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" $pwd

That may not suit everyone, but it saves a lot on typing, and I can use
that time to go make coffee instead and come back to a ready made
playground :-)


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