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From Gabriela Gibson <>
Subject Re: Proposal: incubator-corinthia/test_documents
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2015 12:12:23 GMT
Thanks Franz and Jan,

the tip on saving as docx in Apache Office is very useful, and once I get
my computer out of storage, I'll also install MS on there. For now, I have
a 32 bit lappie with 2GB of RAM, so I'm in the race on a veritable Lada.

Maybe it should just be one sample document per format?


1) Headers (or sections in LaTeX, which I think it s better term),
2) bold,italic,underline
3) lists
4) fonts: courier, Times, or equivs
5) comment
6) table
7)  pictures: jpeg, png
8) header, footer (as in LaTeX, stuff that is printed on every page)
9) footnote
10) html link
11) page number.

If anyone needs a more limited selection, they can just delete or uncomment
the stuff they don't need. And if someone later on feel frisky and wants to
put some bling on the Yak, they can code a sample generator :-D

Regards the samples in the asset directory that sounds like a good idea,
but I think if we call it 'samples' it's more obvious than 'assets' and we
can save on the 'samples_ ' prefix, which saves on typing (and reading).

So, samples/code, samples/documents would be my suggestion.


On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 12:35 PM, Franz de Copenhague <> wrote:

> >>
> >> I have access to odf, but not to docx generators.
> >
> >
> >you are a asf committer so you can apply for a microsoft msdn license for
> free,
> >that gives you access to pretty much all microsoft tools.
> >
> You can generate odf, and save as docx as well.
> Regarding to samples directory, so far we have sample_code,
> sample_documents and assets in dfwebserver. So, I propose to have assets on
> top of the repository and code and documents under. I can move dfwebsever
> assets folder to /assets/documents folder
> assets/code
> assets/documents
> I have a couple of comments regarding to the sample documents:
> * simple1.html and list.html have the same content
> * I suggest to refactory h1-6_center_p.html like
> <p>This is a paragraph with five sentences:
>     <span> this sentence is plain. </span> <!-- I don’t know if editor
> will split up the plain PCDATA in span tags -->
>     <b> This sentence is bold.</b>
>     <u> This sentence is underlined.</u>
>     <i>This sentence is slanted.</i>
> <b><i>This sentence is bold and slanted.</b></i>
> </p>
> Franz

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