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From Franz de Copenhague <>
Subject RE: Prototype web app, and Editor API
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2015 15:40:30 GMT
>>> Also, there is a lot of JS frameworks and libraries that could make us
>> easier the front end development. And it is good to know how to deal with
>> the Apache policy using third-party frameworks.
> We have to be very careful here. One thing is to download something to
> make a proof of concept it is quite different if we want to integrate it in
> our code.
> In our repo itself we can only have ALv2 based code. We do have an option
> to include libraries with support functions as category B code, but for
> example we cannot include a whole editor.
> When we include libraries as category B, we only distribute them as
> binaries (I am aware no such thing exist for JS, but the principle is
> binary). We can only make really minor adaptations to the original code,
> and no way develop on it.
> Category B code can be a number of licenses, like LGPL and MPL. We cannot
> however use e.g. GPL or BSD, the reason is that they limit downstream
> projects from e.g. making a derivative and sell it...something we at ASF
> really like when it happens.
> Another item is, I am not sure why we would need an extensive JS framework,
> we do have quite many lines of JS code in our own repo. I would much more
> like us to develop the remaining parts of the editor, based on good ideas
> from the others, so that the whole code was Corinthia code.
> Django is not something we can use to bind client and server, due to the
> license. I am the admin of a couple of servers in infra, and Django is not
> the easiest or most stable framework to maintain. We should aim at a
> connection between client and server, that do not rely on extensions of the
> http server.
> But all that said, it still look good.
> rgds
> jan I.

Good to know, I am starting to understand the Apache ropes ;)

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