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From jan i <>
Subject Re: Prototype web app, and Editor API
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2015 15:25:28 GMT
On 12 March 2015 at 16:05, Franz de Copenhague <> wrote:

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> > From:
> > To:
> > Subject: RE: Prototype web app, and Editor API
> > Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2015 14:26:56 +0000
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> >
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> >> From:
> >> Subject: Re: Prototype web app, and Editor API
> >> Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2015 18:15:30 +0700
> >> To:
> >>
> >>> On 12 Mar 2015, at 1:26 am, Franz de Copenhague <
>> wrote:
> >>>
> >>> I just built an django example to prototype the server-side. It uses
> the CKEditor but we can replace it by DocFormats web editor
> >>>
> >>> username/password: admin/admin
> >>> It is running in a developer python server, let me know if you cannot
> see the link.
> >>> JD
> >>
> >> This looks fantastic.
> >>
> >> Now that I’ve committed the proof of concept editor I’ve written to the
> repository (which has a very limited UI compared to what you’ve shown),
> would you like to have a go at this?
> >>
> >> Actually, is the UI there from CKEditor, or your own? The former is not
> Apache licensed which might be problematic. We’ll need to figure out what
> our/Apache’s policy is for using third-party frameworks in web apps.
> There’s a lot of good ones out there and it would be nice to be able to
> re-use them if licensing conditions allows.
> >>
> >> At any rate, I think a topic we should begin discussing is UI design.
> There are existing word processing/writing tools to draw inspiration from.
> Lets hear everyone’s ideas.
> >>
> >> —
> >> Dr Peter M. Kelly
> >>
> >
> > ----------------------------------------
> >
> > I am just running the demo application of django-ckeditor and all the UI
> functionality is out of the box. I did nothing.
> >
> > About the license, at the end of django-ckeditor Python Package Index
> says OSI Approved :: BSD License
> >
> >
> > The JS CKEditor text editor says either GPL, LGPL or MPL
> >
> >
> > Also, there is a lot of JS frameworks and libraries that could make us
> easier the front end development. And it is good to know how to deal with
> the Apache policy using third-party frameworks.
We have to be very careful here. One thing is to download something  to
make a proof of concept it is quite different if we want to integrate it in
our code.

In our repo itself we can only have ALv2 based code. We do have an option
to include libraries with support functions as category B code, but for
example we cannot include a whole editor.

When we include libraries as category B, we only distribute them as
binaries (I am aware no such thing exist for JS, but the principle is
binary). We can only make really minor adaptations to the original code,
and no way develop on it.

Category B code can be a number of licenses, like LGPL and MPL. We cannot
however use e.g. GPL or BSD, the reason is that they limit downstream
projects from e.g. making a derivative and sell it...something we at ASF
really like when it happens.

Another item is, I am not sure why we would need an extensive JS framework,
we do have quite many lines of JS code in our own repo. I would much more
like us to develop the remaining parts of the editor, based on good ideas
from the others, so that the whole code was Corinthia code.

Django is not something we can use to bind client and server, due to the
license. I am the admin of a couple of servers in infra, and Django is not
the easiest or most stable framework to maintain. We should aim at a
connection between client and server, that do not rely on extensions of the
http server.

But all that said, it still look good.

jan I.

> > Regarding to the UI, I think is better start discussing about features.
> >
> > Franz
> I have downloaded the CKEditor sdk and you can see in the below link all
> the UI samples
> They have a lot of things to think about ...
> Franz

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