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From jan i <>
Subject Re: Prototype web app, and Editor API
Date Wed, 11 Mar 2015 17:07:52 GMT
On 11 March 2015 at 17:56, Peter Kelly <> wrote:

> Unfortunately I still haven’t found time to begin putting together the
> foundations of a proper web version of the Corinthia app, but I dug up an
> old version of a prototype I was experimenting with quite some time ago
> (before the code became open source). You can check it out here:
> Username/password: demo/uxwrite
> Sometime in the next few days I hope to massage this into a cleaner format
> and get something into the repository. But if you’re keen to start looking
> into this now, doing a view source on this will give you an idea of how the
> web app could be implemented.
May I recommend you add it as consumer/webappl or webedit

I happen to have had a peak preview of the source, and I do not think a
general massage will help a lot, this is enough to give the interested
reader a good understanding.

But it would be good to have it in our repo.

> Note that this demo just uses a pre-defined HTML document; there’s no
> server-side logic, ability to load & save files, or any integration with
> DocFormats. This was basically a proof of concept, but I think could give
> us some ideas for a starting point. Note also this is based on an old
> version of the editor code.
> Also, I’ve created a page on the wiki to document the API exposed by the
> Editor library (that is, the code in Editor/src) - see
> These are the public functions intended to be used by a native app or other
> UI (e.g. browser-based). The prototype I mentioned above has the editor
> library and document being edited in an <iframe>, with all of the UI logic
> kept entirely separate from the library. Jan, I understand, is currently
> working on the necessary bindings for C++/Qt to talk to the library.
Now we are version is still a bunch of yellow stickers.

Basically we will extend/massage this to be the "official" DocFormats API.

and yes, I work heavely on Qt, even though right now I am side tracked with
64bit compile which Qt as a nice side effect we will have a
64bit windows version.

> I’ve just listed the functions so far without documentation. I’ll get to
> this as time permits, but if you’re looking for something relatively easy
> to get started on, some of you might like to have a look through the code
> and contribute documentation. All of the APIs are covered by the test cases
> (Editor/tests/*) so you can see examples here of how they are used.
Short documentation would be nice, and then as we "design" the real API we
need a lot more documentation.

thanks for your good work.
jan i.

Ps. Maybe we should really think about not using html mail, this mail
passed the moderator, due to a high spam count (because of html).

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> Dr. Peter M. Kelly
> Founder, UX Productivity
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