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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Registering trademark for Corinthia.
Date Thu, 26 Mar 2015 23:05:14 GMT
(Please note mixed private/publicly archived lists)

Excellent question.  In principle I would be happy to register podling
names when we can see from the IPMC that 1) the podling's PPMC is
organized, 2) has a clear consensus they want to register the name, and
3) and shows clear progress towards community diversity and graduation.

However organizing paying the cost is still an issue we'll need to address.

Currently, the ASF uses DLAPiper as our pro bono trademark counsel, so
they don't charge us for helping to prepare the paperwork to register
your software product name.  However we still need to pay the USPTO
registry fee of 275USD per application, which DLAPiper invoices us for
in their monthly bill of services.

Separately: does the Corinthia PPMC have some specific reason to believe
this name will be difficult to register?  Also, will there be any
particular reason to request registering the name either as a service
(i.e. for support services the PMC and committers provide directly), or
in other jurisdictions besides the US?

Note that registrations beyond the first USPTO registration for the
software product itself are often more expensive, typically 1K-2K USD.

- Shane

On 3/26/15 5:46 PM, jan i wrote:
> Hi.
> Some of us in incubator project Corinthia, are worried about not having
> a registered trademark.
> I am aware of the board decision not to waste money on Podlings, I do
> also see that  changing that decision will take time (I work on this
> with the IPMC).
> An official question to trademarks from podling corinthia.
> Can we, if we provide a sponsor (in reality one of the PMC members),
> have our trademarks registered  under ASF ? and what would the price be ?
> Sorry for being consistent, but we have reason to believe that not
> registering this early, might force a name change later.
> On behalf of the Corinthia podling.
> rgds
> jan I.
> Ps. Shane I will be in Austin, if you prefer to discuss this in person.

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