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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: New Developer
Date Sat, 07 Mar 2015 18:34:56 GMT
This is the place for discussion about everything Corinthia.

The Apache Software Foundation has a mantra "if it didn't happen on the list, it didn't happen".
We are about "Community over code". Here is where our community grows and develops! In the
open and for the public good.

Welcome to Corinthia!


On Mar 7, 2015, at 9:49 AM, Juande Manjon wrote:

>> Hi Juande, and welcome!
>> Currently documentation for new contributors is very limited, and
> something
>> we're hoping to get sorted out in the near future. I'm hoping to find some
>> time in the following week to write up an overview of the editing API, as
> well
>> as sketch out a skeleton of the ODF support code in the file format
>> conversion library.
>> Currently we have the following main efforts:
>> - Building a Qt-based application for end-users, which will enable editing
> of
>> documents (Jan has just recently gotten started on this)
>> - Building a web-based application which can be used in a similar fashion
> to
>> Google docs
>> - Adding ODF support to the DocFormats library
>> Let us know what most interests you, or if you have anything else you'd
> like
>> to do with the project, and we can help you get started.
> Hi Peter,
> All of them are very interesting,  actually I have C++ experience on Qt  and
> OOXML/ODF filter development. Currently, I am reading about javascript
> because I want to know more about web technologies and working on a
> web-based application looks a developer challenge task for me. And by the
> other side, working on C is less attractive. 
> So, my first choice is definitely web-based but I will be glad to work a
> little on the ODF filter design, in which I can provide very good feedbacks
> because of my previous experience dealing with it.
> Regarding to the limited documentation, with the dev-list responses I was
> able to get the code and build and debug on Windows following Gabriella and
> Jan instructions (Thank you) for git and external batch.
> I did have a look at the code and current functionality of the dfutil and
> dfconvert. And I have some technical and architecture questions about how
> web application interfaces with DocFormat library. Is this list the right
> place to discuss or brainstorm ideas?
> Thanks,
> Juande

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