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From Louis Suárez-Potts <>
Subject Re: Roadmap items
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2015 18:07:39 GMT

> On 11-02-2015, at 13:02, jan i <> wrote:
> On 11 February 2015 at 18:48, Louis Suárez-Potts <> wrote:
>> I’d like to propose three roadmap items and suggest owners of these.
>> 1. ODF support. Owner: Dennis. Task: What do we need, abstractly and—more
>> usefully?—concretely to support ODF, or at the least, ODT, in a usable
>> (however you judge) manner?  From my perspective, usability means being
>> able to open fairly simple documents, edit them within the original styles,
>> then return to sender or otherwise pass them to others. Ambition here is
>> great; but so is usable proof of concept.
>> The need for ODF may be waning, at least in some circles. But I’d think
>> the situation is just that there are layers upon layers, and desktop usage,
>> complemented by tablets (and the like) able to manipulate ODF/ODT is
>> inevitably going to grow, and not slowly. ODF would be and is preferred by
>> quite a few, if in percentage smaller than MS’s format, simply because
>> governments have policies preferring it, though actions speak louder.
>> I don’t see galvanising advancements in the format and I think it would be
>> misguided to dump watts of brainpower energy into doing it, at this point.
>> I do see continued demand and need for devices able to manipulate ODF. Same
>> for OpenOffice’s implementation of ODF.
>> 2. Documentation for developers. Owner: Peter (and others?). Task: Outline
>> for documentation explicating goal and architecture briefly, allowing for
>> future additions as needed.
>> Every time I talk to Peter he allows he must do documentation. I think in
>> part that’s because he alone has the full architecture in mind (his) and
>> also because it would save him and others (like the rest) time to know that
>> architecture before launching into the bog of mistaken intention and
>> incoherent code.
>> is that true, though? Or: What could be done now to produce outlines for
>> documentation. My experience elsewhere has been that documentation is often
>> written as it is needed, like a map is drawn after land is discovered: to
>> chart the better narrative for others, so that they don’t make your
>> mistakes.
>> If so, what can the rest of us do to help? "Us" could include students,
>> newbies, moi, and so on.
>> 3. GSoC and also Jan’s discovery, Semester of Code. I want to press ahead
>> on this and see if we can get a grant. There are some students at the
>> University of Toronto who could, conceivably be qualified and interested. I
>> can take this on, or part of it, but am not sure where to focus; I can
>> correspond with Dennis on this?
> What do you mean "if we can get a grant". Neither GSoC or Vals gives grants
> to the mentors or projects.

To the students. Not to the mentors. "Get a grant" means too if the proposal is accepted.
I did not envision the mentors getting vast sums of money for this, though yes for other things,
e.g., lessons.

> Thanks for the 3 suggestions, I would like to add:
> 4) DocFormats API, Owner Peter/Jan. We need to stabilize the interface
> between the library and the outside world
> 5) DocFormats internal filter API. Owner Peter. We need to define a API
> which filter developers can use, this might later form a plugin basis.
> 6) Interconnect Editor (JS) both local (without WEB server) and remote
> (through WEB server). Owner: Peter/Jan.
> 7) Generate documentation needed for our releases (NOTICE; LICENSE files
> etc). Owner ??
> rgds
> jan i.
>> louis

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