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From Gabriela Gibson <>
Subject More on the xmalloc project
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2015 20:59:46 GMT
Hi Peter, (and everyone else!)

I read your JIRA comment, and that's an interesting thing with the missing
headerfiles.  My build report[1] was OK so, maybe  different compilers take
headers in a different order?

Regards the clang build, should/could we have this as a regular build
option in the CMake file?

Another thing to notice was that my test had quite a lot of malloc 0 calls,
so whatever is run there, maybe it could do with a check, or perhaps
xmalloc should check for if (!size) ... ?

The html file I downloaded and tested to get all those zeros was here:

cmd I used to test was:

./bin/dfutil -normalize

Towards the end, there's a heap of 0 allocations.


Ps.: Currently trying to figure out the best way of testing the mallocs in
the WrapperTest.c file.  Will holler when/if I get stuck.

[1] My build report:

[  5%] Built target odf
[  7%] Built target api
[ 38%] Built target core
Scanning dependencies of target platform
[ 38%] Building C object
[ 66%] Built target platform
[ 67%] Built target unittest
[ 96%] Built target ooxml
[ 97%] Built target latex
Linking C static library ../lib/libDocFormats.a
[ 97%] Built target DocFormats
Linking C executable ../../../bin/dftest
[ 97%] Built target dftest
Linking C executable ../../../bin/dfconvert
[ 98%] Built target dfconvert
Linking C executable ../../../bin/dfutil
[100%] Built target dfutil

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